I'd Give You Couple of The Decade Maybe

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Chapter 38:

Beckinsile's Point of View

The doldrums of February and March have passed and turned into the possibility of April. Junior prom is just around the corner along with spring break and studying for finals. Oliver and I have been together for about seven months and I love him just as much as the first month.

Sometimes I wonder what's going to happen after high school but then I see him and I don't want to even imagine that anymore. It's Saturday morning a week before junior prom. I'm dressed in my usual weekend wear and waiting for Fiona to come and pick me up.

Fiona, Danika, Cadillac and I decided on Friday that we all need to go dress shopping today so that's why I'm up before 11 on a Saturday morning. I hear the screech of tires in my driveway and I open up the door to find a smiling Fiona standing on my doorstep.

"Hey girl," She pulls me into a hug and we go out to her car. "So, tell me again how Oliver asked you to prom?"

I sigh because I've told her this story at least a dozen times since it happened on Wednesday.

"He hid roses in our favorite places around town and then sent me text clues so that I would find them all. Once I got the rose that completed the dozen I saw a huge banner that said 'will you go to prom with me?' and Oliver standing next to it in a tux with a heart necklace in hand." I touch the pendant that's been hanging around my neck since he asked me and smile to myself.

"He's too cute, Becks..." Fiona gushes as she pulls into the mall parking lot.

We walk down to the Starbucks where Danika and Cadillac said they'd meet us. We go up to the barista and order our drinks while we wait.

"Well, aren't you two a sight for sore eyes?" I hear Danika chuckle from behind us.

She pulls us both into a hug the minute she reaches us. Cadillac is behind her with a smirk on her face. Her hair is wavy today; no doubt a product of her sleepover at Danika's last night. Danika claimed that it was sister bonding time but I'd like to know how that went over with her parents.

Cadillac seems happy though so I'm guessing it went well. The pair orders their drinks and then we all take a seat at a table and begin talking about what stores we need to go dress hunting in.

We all toss our coffee cups into the trash on our way out. Danika leads us to her favorite dress shop and we all begin looking.

I pile my arms up with dresses of all colors before going back to a dressing room. The sales associate gives us each our own and we all rush into one of our picks. I step out of the dressing room first and admire myself in the three-way mirror. The dress reaches my feet and it's a dark blue with floral details.

"You look so pretty!" Fiona steps out of the dressing room in a powder blue strapless dress that reaches her feet and swishes when she walks.

"Same to you," I state sincerely.

Danika is next out of the dressing room. She's wearing a peach colored dress that's fitted and reaches her mid-thigh; it suits her figure perfectly.

"You look amazing," I say as Danika walks towards the mirror.

"Thanks; you do too." She says as she smooths her dress.

I stare a little longer in the mirror before going back to my dressing room to try on another dress. This one is strapless and lavender colored. It reaches my feet and has a corset top with a bigger bottom. The dress is accented with a sprinkling of darker purple flowers. It swishes a little as I walk out of the dressing room. The other girls are seated on the couches waiting for me. Each one has a dress in hand and a smile on their face.

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