Dodge Ball With The Devil

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Chapter 8:

Beckinsile's Point of View

I wake up to rain pounding on the roof. I rub my eyes and almost fall back asleep to the slow rhythms of the rain. I would've succeeded had my alarm not continued to beep. I push the covers back and set my feet on the plush carpeting. I unbraid my hair and walk over to my dresser to find an outfit. I look in my drawers and pull out one of my cozy sweatshirts and a pair of leggings. Every time it rains I practically live in my sweatshirts and leggings. I go to my closet and pull out my beat up Vans. I put the outfit on and leave my hair down. Thanks to the braid I have waves instead of my usual tight curls. I apply a little mascara and give myself a once-over in the mirror. I make my bed ,unlike usual, and grab my bag.

The rain seems to have a slowing effect on our household. Everything and everyone seem to move in slow motion as if there's no reason to rush. All the rooms on the lower level have a gray tone and seem a little sad, even the rooms without windows. I walk into the kitchen and find that the rain has quite the opposite effect on my brothers. They're just as energetic as ever; I don't understand why though.

"Hey mom," I take out a bowl from the cabinet and fill it with cereal.

"Hey Becky," My mom has a small smile on her face and a mug of coffee in her hand.

Gabe and Nate have already claimed their seats at the breakfast bar by the time I have my breakfast. I take the only available seat which just so happens to be next to Gabe. I eat my cereal slowly. The room is quiet; the only sounds are the sounds of my slow chewing.

"We better get going," Gabe says as he and Nate stand up.

I stand up and follow them but Gabe blocks my way.

"Don't you want a ride from your boyfriend?" Gabe says a little too loudly.

"Becky, since when did you have a boyfriend?" The shock and excitement in my mother's voice is embarrassing.

"I do not!" I can feel myself blushing.

"Yes she does! I saw him give her a ride home twice yesterday." Nate has no innocence in his eyes; he's looking towards our mother, trying to gauge her reaction.

"Thanks a lot Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Dumber. Remind me to murder you when I get home."

"With the look on mom's face, you may never want to leave the house again." Gabe snorts.

I turn around and find my mom literally beaming at me.

"Oh good grief," I mutter as my mom draws nearer to me.

"I'm so happy for you, Beckinsile. Tell me all about him." I can hear Nate and Gabe practically rolling on the floor laughing.

"I do not have a boyfriend!" I stomp my foot slightly and glare at Gabe.

I turn around and start shoving Nate and Gabe towards the side door.

"Becky, tell me all about your first..."

"Love you mom," I shout so I can avoid more embarrassing questions. It's too early in the morning for an awkward conversation with my mom about a boyfriend I do not have.

"Have you two never heard of keeping secrets? God knows I've kept enough of yours." I glare at Gabe as we get into his car.

"You're not actually mad at us are you?" Nate smirks as he slides into the backseat without a complaint.

"Yes I am you dorks. I didn't need mom or dad to know a guy gave me a ride home. Mom is exhibit A as to why our parents didn't need to know. Now she thinks I have a boyfriend and she'll never stop pestering me about him. You two better watch out; you've awoken the dragon and the dragon wants revenge." I cross my arms and stare straight ahead.

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