Out Cold

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Chapter 40:

Oliver's Point of View

I open my eyes and blink rapidly due to my change in surroundings. The last thing I remember I was in the back of an ambulance on some back road while the paramedics rushed off with Beckinsile.

"Oh dammit, Beckinsile..." I think to myself as the full effect of the night's events hit me once again.

My heart is hammering in my chest as the paramedics rush me through the doors of the hospital. They move me onto another bed and then wheel me down to another room where they put me in a hospital gown. A team of nurses come in and then rush me out of the room. I'm drifting in and out of consciousness from hitting the steering wheel during the crash.

My hospital bed bursts through a set of double doors where there are at least five people, all wearing blue scrubs, sterilizing surgery tools. I almost pass out at the sight of the needles but it's more likely because I've lost so much blood. They move me onto a different bed and prep me for surgery.

As the other nurses leave I hear them talk about calling mine and Beckinsile's parents. My heart shudders at the thought of our parents and the looks on their faces when they get the hospital's call. Next thing I know I'm out cold thanks to anesthesia.


I open my eyes dazedly and try to make out the numbers of the clock on the wall. It reads 12:00 P.M. My arm is in one piece again and now attached to my shoulder as it should be. I feel my head and find a bandage wrapped around it protecting the gash I must've gotten last night. Then it hits me again; Beckinsile. What happened to her? Where is she? Is she okay after last night?

I can already feel my tears which causes my head to throb a little. My mind flashes back to the initial jolt and watching Beckinsile hit the dashboard. The sound her head made against the dash still rings in my mind.

A nurse comes in with a large cup of water and a handful of pills.

"Take these," She instructs and hands me the pills.

I do as I'm told and my head feels a little better.

"Do you know what happened to my girlfriend? She was the other one involved in the crash..." I give the nurse a curious look and she just stands in the doorway with pity in her eyes.

"Get some rest, Mr. Marshall...That's what you need right now..." She gives me a small smile before leaving the room.


I've spent the past few hours trying to sleep but every time I close my eyes I see her hit the dashboard over and over again; that's enough to make me never want to sleep again. I flip through TV channels but nothing catches my interest. All I can think about is how Beckinsile is doing. I take a sip of water and then go back to channel surfing.

"Oliver," I hear my mother's voice as she and the rest of my family come into the small hospital room.

My mother leans over and kisses my forehead. Victoria gives me a hug and then hands me a giant teddy bear, which I'm guessing is her way of trying to ease my pain. My dad kisses my forehead too and then Luke pats my shoulder lovingly.

"Sweetheart, I don't even know what to say..." My mom takes a seat in the chair right next to my bed. "I'm so sorry this happened..." She covers her mouth with her hand and I can see the tears sparkling in her eyes.

"I'm okay, mom...It's all fine..." I pat her thigh as best I can and she gives me a small smile.

"Sweetheart, we could've lost you last night and I'm just so thankful that you're still here..." My mom is choked up and has tears running down her face. "I'm just so thankful that you're here..."

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