Author's Note

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Listen guys....I'm truly sorry that I killed off Beckinsile but that's how I've planned the story to go since the beginning because that's part of the story behind the song "Moments" in my mind (lost love).

I feel bad that I've known this since the beginning and you guys are just finding out now; it makes me so sad since I've become attached to writing the story of these characters but this is how it had to happen...I know you guys are probably mad at me because you wanted a happy ending and I guess I never realized how attached to these characters I and my readers had become until I wrote these past two chapters but this has been the plot since I started the book...

I know this isn't happy, believe me it isn't for any of us, but maybe by the end of this story you guys will have found a new meaning to the word "happy ending". It may be a twisted new meaning but a new meaning nonetheless.

I'm truly sorry again for causing you guys emotional suffering (if the event did) and I'm sorry if I disappointed you guys by ruining your happy ending idea :(

But please stick with this story because I have a few more chapters up my sleeve before you guys potentially discover a new meaning to the phrase "happy ending".

Much love,

Ruby ❤️

P.S. I hope I haven't lost any readers because of what just happened...I love you guys and hope you stick with the story to the end even if you're mad at me...which I hope you aren't... You guys are amazing and all your feedback and votes make me so happy... I hope you stay with me :'( ILY <3

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