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Everything Has Changed (taylor Swift adoption story) COMPLETED  by 13pjl13
Everything Has Changed (taylor Swi...by Paige Jolin
One night my "mom" let me go to a show for RED tour with my best friend. After that everything about my life has changed.
Walls by cantbegone
Wallsby Abbey
Ever since she was 15, Taylor's face has been plastered upon every news front page. The flashing lights of Hollywood can ruin a person. They have the power to make peopl...
My Heart Is Breathing for This Moment in Time // Larry Stylinson by teenytinylouu
My Heart Is Breathing for This Mom...by harry_loves_louis
When Louis first saw Harry at the 2010 X Factor Auditions, he thought he was watching a peculiarly special stranger. But Harry has known Louis ever since he was five yea...
Adopted By Ed Sheeran by TypingNonsense
Adopted By Ed Sheeranby Pŕiňcësś Mathers
Hello. I'm Kat Camerons. Well, that last name's gonna change, isn't it?
Everything Has Changed (Sweeran Fanfiction) by LorenJiroux
Everything Has Changed (Sweeran Fa...by Lory
!THIS IS A SEQUEL TO EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED MUSIC VIDEO! -don't copy the story. if you've got any questions to ask about it, then reach me at- - twitter; shareofsecrets_...
Galway Girl by Perrieislyfe
Galway Girlby Perrieislyfe
"Perrie, please let me see her."
Chasing Audri by sicilyadelaide
Chasing Audriby s.a.
Life is never as it cracks up to be. As a small child all you want to do is grow up and make plans for the future but the reality is that there are no plans. Plans don't...
we started with a rumor (instagram L. S.) by levxosa
we started with a rumor (instagram...by levxosa
In which Niall Horan and the fandom spread a rumor about Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson dating. But is it really just a rumor? An Instagram fanfiction
Chances are.... by CandidKeeks
Chances are....by Keisha
In this story we'll be following the lives of Justine Halloway and Bradley Jameston. Justine, a suburban brown gem, finding her way through life with a few bumps and blu...
Serendipity  // Instagram // Haylor by soitgoesharry
Serendipity // Instagram // Haylorby Alex
But there were strangers watching And whispers turned to talking And talking turned to screams. @taylorswift followed @harrystyles @harrystyles liked @taylorswift's pos...
Endlessly (Harry Styles) by Make1Wish
Endlessly (Harry Styles)by Veronica
This is the story of an endless love between two young people bound together by their love of music (and chocolate). Hazel Murray is a young girl living in a small Ameri...
Instagram love...(NIAM) by TawanThitipoom20
Instagram love...(NIAM)by SANYA⭐️
Social media can really help you to meet the love of your life❤️
Family Friends (Taylor Swift Fanfiction) by princesscait13
Family Friends (Taylor Swift Fanfi...by Caitriona
The Swift's and my family being friends? Now there's a rich thought. I doubt my family even know who the Swifts are, well actually thats not true. I know that they know...
Celebrity Groupchat by haylorkilledsomeone
Celebrity Groupchatby Keira Jacinto
This is a groupchat with all my fav celebrities I hope tou enjoy reading it!!! Highest ranks: #1 celebritygroupchat #1 taylorswift #1 shawnmendes #3 selenagomez #4 shawm...
Notting Hill ||L.S.|| by laabonneenuiit
Notting Hill ||L.S.||by bibi
Harry sente casa sua ovunque e da nessuna parte, dato che tutti sembrano voler sempre parlare di lui, rendendo l'essere famosi di troppo nella sua vita; d'altra parte Lo...
Gus x mattholomule one shots 🤪 by dont_really_know13
Gus x mattholomule one shots 🤪by Banana
This is my first story not including the one I deleted because it was so bad. So I'm retrying it. Give criticism if you want.
𝖢𝖺𝗌𝗍𝖺𝗐𝖺𝗒𝗌 by bestiemikki
𝖢𝖺𝗌𝗍𝖺𝗐𝖺𝗒𝗌by 𝗆
Girls soccer team second best sport at Eden Hall and best friends with the varsity hockey team, but when the Ducks join everything changes for them. Own story line, som...
ed sheeran x y/n  by uwubean12
ed sheeran x y/n by uwubean12
when depressed y/n falls for bad boy ed