Things Are Getting Dangerous

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Chapter 15:

Beckinsile's Point of View

I wake up with a major headache from lack of sleep. Oliver and I had ended our conversation around midnight which gave me six hours of sleep but for some reason that wasn't enough. On a regular basis, I'd be lucky to get six hours of sleep so I guess I shouldn't complain.

I force myself out of bed and off to the bathroom to do my morning routine. After brushing my teeth, washing my face and applying makeup, I resist the urge to go back to bed and instead slip into a pair of jeans and a purple Jack Wills t-shirt. I pull on my TOMS and grab my necklaces before going downstairs.

I hike my bag up a little farther on my shoulder before grabbing a bowl for cereal. Gabe and Nate have ridiculous smirks on their faces that make me uneasy and suspicious.

"What do you two want?" I sneer and fill up my bowl with cereal and milk.

"I'd like to know why you were on your phone singing 80s pop music at midnight..." Gabe smirks and then goes back to eating.

"You jerk, were you idiots spying on me?" I shout as my mother comes into the kitchen.

"What's all the commotion about?" My mother's blonde hair is pulled tightly against her scalp and her blue eyes are shining.

She pours herself a mug of coffee and then turns to face her children.

"Neither of your sons understands the right to privacy," I stir my cereal around furiously.

"How did you find this out?" My mother asks with a bright smile.

"I, I..." I stammer a little and look for the correct wording.

"Boys, were you spying on your sister again?" My mother asks sternly.

"Possibly," Nate says with reddening cheeks.

"Sweetheart, I know that's a yes. You're tomato cheeks gave you away." My mother pats Nate on the head which makes him blush even more.

Gabe is laughing his head off which prompts a stern look from my mom.

"I will not tolerate spying in my house. Becky is right; she should have a right to her privacy and you two should respect that or I'll make you two take Becky shopping. She might even make you go to PINK." My mother smirks and pours herself another cup of coffee.

"You mean a store with pics of hot girls wearing practically nothing? That's not a punishment, Mom." Gabe smirks and drops his dishes in the sink.

"Gabriel, she doesn't have to take you to PINK...maybe she'll make you go makeup shopping. I don't know but the next time you spy on her, I'll make you go to the mall and do whatever she wants for the whole day. Got it?" My mother calmly folds her hands around her steaming mug.

"Yes, Ma'am." Gabe salutes mom and then motions for us to leave.

I grab my bag and follow the boys out the side door.

I slide into shotgun and immediately start yelling at them.

"How dare you two invade my personal space like that? If I wanted the whole house to hear the conversation I would've left the door open but my door was closed last time I checked." I can feel the fury coursing through my veins.

"Was I right?" Gabe asks serenely.

"Right about what?" I snap, my tone dripping with anger.

"You like Oliver and Oliver likes you back." Gabe says arrogantly.

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