C'mon Sweetheart

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Chapter 25 Part A:

Beckinsile's Point of View

It's Friday, October 31st which just so happens to be Halloween. I still don't have a costume so Fiona is taking me to the costume store for last minute shopping. As usual, Fiona is finished with her costume and is only coming with me as moral support. I slip into the shotgun seat of her red Mini Cooper and we speed out of the parking lot. After fifteen minutes of driving, we arrive in front of a huge, beige building with a sign that reads "Costumes and Company". I hop out of the car and rush through the automatic doors. I push past a few people and practically run to the wall of costumes. I go to the women's section and scan the wall for something worthy of a high school Halloween party. My eyes lock on a few costumes; the angel, the goddess and the magician. All of them are equally slutty looking but it's that or I can go in normal clothes; the latter is not an option though.

"Ma'am, do you have any of these costumes in a small?" I direct a sales associate towards my costumes choices.

"I'll go check in the back," The sales associate whom I notice is named Brenda walks back into the employees' only room.

"Have you found anything yet?" I hear Fiona walk up beside me.

I point to my costume choices and look over to find Fiona smirking.

"What?" I say with raised eyebrows.

"I never would've pinned you as a slutty magician," Fiona chuckles and I punch her arm. "Ow," She pouts and then dissolves into giggles.

"What are you going to be?" I ask with crossed arms.

"A French maid complete with fishnets," Fiona has a devious smile planted on her face.

"Is it for Ethan?" I smirk as she blushes a little.

Ethan is Fiona's boyfriend whom she's been dating practically since she moved here. His parents work for some famous person as their managers and they're rarely home which leaves Ethan free to do pretty much whatever he wants. Fiona spends most of her time at his house and all she's been talking about this week is his Halloween party which is apparently going to have a bunch of celebrities, curtesy of Ethan's parents.

"He said that I should drees up for the party and we all know that I'm not the most conservative person..." Fiona shrugs and the goes back to smirking.

"Then you have no right to judge me," I laugh a little as the sales associate comes back, arms filled with two costume bags.

"We were out of the magician; is there anything else I can help you with?" Brenda says in a warm tone.

"Where are the dressing rooms?" I smile as she points in the direction they are.

Fiona and I walk where we're directed until a section of dressing rooms comes into views. Fiona takes a seat in one of the sofas while I go back to the dressing room to try on my costumes. I shut the door and slip out of my school outfit. I open up the angel costume first and slip on the cool material. The dress is short, about mid-thigh. It's tight up top but has a flowing skirt at the bottom. The costume is made of a soft material and has a silver belt. The 'halo' is a wreath of faux silver flowers which fits perfectly on my head. The sleeves are long and tight as well. I pull out the final piece of the costume which is a pair of silver wings. I slide them on and step out of the dressing room. Fiona's jaw immediately drops as I twirl in the full-length mirror.

"You look amazing," Fiona gushes.

"You think?" I place my hands on my hips and stare in the mirror.

"Definitely; you look like a freaking angel..." Fiona stands up and stretches.

"That's the idea," I wink and go back to the dressing room to try on the goddess costume.

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