Anything For You Sweetheart

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Chapter 19:

Beckinsile Point of View

Thursday and Friday at school go by extremely fast. I ride home with Ed and watch crime shows on Thursday. It's Friday afternoon now and Oliver is driving me to Danika's house. We stop at a store and pick up a bouquet of roses and some chocolates for Danika's mother, or witch of the year as I like to call her.

I told Oliver why I had to buy chocolate and roses; he found it just as entertaining as Gabe had. He laughs extremely hard as I walk back out with the peace offerings.

"The woman hates me; I have to kiss up somehow." I giggle and slip the helmet back over my curly hair.

Oliver speeds out of the parking lot and back onto the main road. He drives for a few more minutes and then we pull into Danika's large, circular driveway. I can feel my nerves sky rocket as he rings the doorbell.

To my surprise, Danika's mom opens the door. She scoffs at me and then opens the door wider. Oliver walks in before me and murmurs a greeting. I walk in slowly and hand the peace offerings to Mrs. Blackwell.

"I'm really sorry for insulting you and accusing you of things that I don't know are true. I hope you can forgive me." I say in a polite tone.

"What you said was beyond rude but I think I can forgive you; just please don't do that ever again." Mrs. Blackwell says sweetly as she takes the flowers and surprisingly admires them.

"Thank you," I smile and follow Oliver to where the maid says Danika and Brandon are.

We walk into a large room filled with bean bags and a TV. There's drawing supplies strewn about and a few snacks set up. Danika and Brandon are seated on the floor giggling with each other.

"Hey, Beckinsile," Danika smiles warmly. "Would you help me get some colored pencils from my room?"

"Yeah, sure..." I mutter and follow her up a large staircase.

"My mom told me what you said to her. It stung a little but I think she needed the honesty. I can't say that the words you chose didn't hurt me a little but I know you were just defending Cadillac and I can't thank you enough for that." Danika pulls me into a hug.

"I'm sorry; I shouldn't have been so rude. I've never lashed out at somebody like that but what she'd done to Cadillac and her mom sickened me so I had to say something to her. I'm sorry if it hurt you in any way." I hug her back.

"Don't worry; I was never mad at you." Danika pulls away and grabs a box of colored pencils from her desk.

We walk back downstairs where Oliver and Brandon are already situated on the beanbags. I take a seat on the bean bag next to Oliver and we begin discussing some ideas for the project.

"I think we should draw a high end coffee shop because it would portray the coffee as sophisticated." Danika says as she sets her sketchpad down on her knees.

"That's a good idea but we don't want people to think it's expensive because our target audience is the average consumer." Brandon says as he grabs some chips from the bowl on the coffee table.


"There; it's finished." Danika adds one final touch to our ad before showing us the finished product.

We all cheer and then turn on the TV.

"It's movie time," Danika and I squeal at the same time.

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