Welcome to Our Table of Misfits

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Chapter 6:

Beckinsile's Point of View

"And..." the bell interrupts Mr. Mitchell mid-sentence much to the relief of our class.

I can almost hear the sighs of relief as I walk out into the noisy hallway. Oliver follows me and is rubbing his eyes. I think he might've fallen asleep during part of it which is bad since we sit in the very front row. I laugh and walk ahead of him to marketing.

"Look who it is...little Miss. Brilliant, here to fight another day." My shoulders stiffen at the sound of Danika's annoyingly sarcastic voice.

I relax them and turn to face Danika.

"Wow, I didn't think it was possible but your insults actually got worse. Danika, I'm so glad you can insult at a first grade level." I applaud her and wait for her to make the next move.

"At least I can read at one." Danika sneers and puts her hands on her overly exposed hips.

"Really, I didn't know gossip magazines were on a first grade level. I thought anyone with even a sliver of a brain could read the crap that's printed in those."

"Explains why you can't read them." A chorus of ooo burns erupts from our class, who's now huddled around Danika and I.

"Danika, I don't read those because I'm deeper than a kiddy pool. You read them because you're just that shallow." I smirk at her as Mr. Walker finally realizes his students haven't even sat down yet.

"Get to your seats before I start handing out detention slips the way you people hand out your phone numbers." Mr. Walker gives Danika and I a stern glare.

I return with one that says, "It's your fault." I walk grudgingly to my seat next to Oliver. He holds out his hand under the table and I high five it.

"You think you've won but I'm just getting started." Danika sneers and crosses her arms.

"Could you two be mature for like one second?" Oliver directs his gaze towards Danika and I.

"I can be mature but I don't know about Miss. Brilliant." Danika gives Oliver a fake sweet smile. I can see him roll his eyes as he pulls out the planning sheet.

"Listen, we all need to pitch in and do this project. Soon enough we won't have to deal with each other anymore; can we all just survive until then? Just put aside your idiotic arguments and do the project, got it?" Oliver looks exasperated and for some reason the look in his eyes shuts me up immediately.

"He's right," I mumble. "Truce?" I offer my hand to Danika.

"For now, Beckinsile." She sneers. I give Oliver a shrug as if to say, "I tried."

He gives me a knowing look and we move on with the project.


By the end of class we have an idea and have decided that we would film it this weekend at my house. "Oh joy, Danika Blackwell is coming to my house; the one place I'm supposed to be able to get away from her." I think as I walk towards the cafeteria. I text Fiona to see if she has lunch now; the response is a no because she has class right now and apparently Ed does too. I groan and search for a place to sit. The cafeteria is noisy and unappealing. I honestly hate it because you can never hear what the person right next to you is saying. It would be a lot easier to sit in the courtyard but I don't want to be out there like a loaner so I go back to my search for somewhere to sit.

"Beckinsile, why don't you come sit with my friends and I?" Oliver whispers in my ear.

He said it as more of a statement than a question but I gave an answer anyways.

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