Boys and Their Cars

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This chapter may sound a little "typical white girl" but no regrets ✌️...kindly enjoy the fact that I double updated again...this sounds really sarcastic lol; I love you guys 😘❤️

Chapter 27:

Beckinsile's Point of View

"Did you have fun, Sweetheart?" My mom asks as she shuts the door.

"Yeah; the party was awesome..." I bite my lip because I know I'm lying right through my teeth.

The party, in all honesty, sucked to no end besides kissing Oliver. That was the only part of the night that made everything else worth it. This night has been a roller coaster and I want to forget most of what happened, basically everything that includes Kyle.

"Are you sure? I feel like there's something you're hiding, Becky." My mom gives me a smirk as we walk towards the stairs.

"I had fun, Mom..." I give her a hug and go upstairs.

"I'm glad, Becky. How's Oliver doing?"

"He's good..." I smile. "Goodnight, Mom."

"Goodnight, Becky..." My mom goes off to her room and I take a seat on my bed.

"He loves me," I think to myself with a smile as I lay down on my bed.

My phone dings with an incoming text.

4 day weekend this weekend. Horror movie marathon at my house on Sunday night. Text Ed and Fiona.

I smile at Oliver's text and respond.

Got it; I'll text them ASAP.

"This weekend's going to be fun," I think as I fall asleep to the sound of the rain that's begun again.


"Becky, we need to talk to you..." My mom says the next day at breakfast.

"Okay, what is it?" I ask as Gabe and Nate finally wake up.

"Your father is going on a business trip and I'm escorting him. We leave early tomorrow morning and we won't be back until Thursday. Your Aunt Helena will be staying with you guys until we get back." My mom hands me a plate of food and lets me take in her information.

Aunt Helena is my mom's best friend from college. She's not a blood relative but we've known her so long that she's practically family. She also happens to be mine and Gabe's Godmother.

Aunt Helena works as a personal stylist and has some of the most amazing clothes I've ever seen. She's married to some business mogul and has three sons. They all live in house the size of a castle and the kids have trust funds that are worth more than most people will make in a lifetime.

The kids are named Ryder, Max and Jack. They act like typical trust fund kids but they're nice enough. They're all my age or a little older and we're all good friends. Our families used to have dinner together every weekend but our parents have gotten really busy so I haven't seen Aunt Helena in a few years.

"Great; I can't wait." I smile and take a bite of my breakfast.

"Are you being sarcastic?" My mom frowns slightly.

"No, I can't wait to see Aunt Helena..."

"Good, she was so excited when I called her. She can't wait to see you guys." My mom takes a sip of her coffee as I finish off my breakfast.

"When's she coming?"

"Tomorrow morning right before we leave."

"Great; love you guys," I give my parents a hug before going off to my room.

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