Stop It Prince Charming

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Okay Guys, I'm getting really tired of writing every day at school and I'm sure you guys are getting bored of reading their daily activities because most of them have no relation to the story....So, I'm going to skip ahead a little and when I write about the day at school, from now on, it'll be because something important happened while the characters were at school or it makes the story flow better...just imagine that their school days go regularly until such a time that I describe one again...Hope you guys are enjoying...XOXO <3

Chapter 23:

Beckinsile's Point of View

I've made it through my third week of school; I mean I've actually survived three weeks of school. It's Friday evening and I'm sitting on my couch dressed for the Death by Diamonds concert. Oliver promised that he'd pick me up around six so we could get floor seats.

I tap my foot impatiently and check my phone for the tenth time in the past two minutes. It reads the same way it has the other nine times; No Messages. I fluff my hair and take one last look at my reflection in my phone.

I'm wearing a pair of jean shorts and my Rolling Stones cropped tee. My hair is styled in disheveled waves and I'm wearing red lipstick. My eyes pop out against my complexion thanks to the black liquid liner and heavy mascara. I tighten the red bandana in my hair as I hear a knock at the door.

"Ready to go, love?" Oliver asks with a smirk.

"I am, Olly Pop..."

"Look at you; just as beautiful as ever..." Oliver offers me his arm and leads me to his convertible.

"Aw, stop it, Prince Charming..." I smile and slide in across the leather of the passenger's seat.

"Can't do that, Princess." Oliver puts the key in the ignition and slowly backs out of my driveway.

In about five minutes, Oliver pulls up in front of a music club. The building is huge and painted black with splotches of a lighter color.

"At night, the splotches glow in the dark..." Oliver says picking up on my curiosity.

"That's awesome," I say as we walk towards the front doors.

The doors are painted red and have gold, lion shaped knockers. They are propped open so fans can make their way into the venue before the show. Oliver and I walk through the doors along with the other Death by Diamonds fans. I'm instantly mesmerized by the whole atmosphere inside the Black Acid Music Club.

The floors are made of black marble and there's UV lighting making everything white in the room glow. There's a bar on one wall and a collection of records hanging on the other wall. The room is at least the size of two of my house. There's tiered flooring and a huge stage set up at the bottom. People are holding cups and dancing to the songs the guest DJ is playing.

Eli, Xander, Cody and a few other guys are setting up and testing equipment. Every time one of them talks into the microphone, the whole club erupts in screams. I laugh a little as Oliver gets me some water. We walk down towards the stage to greet the boys.

"Look who made it..." Xander says the minute we approach the stage.

"We said we'd come, didn't we?" I give him a smirk as he pulls me into a hug.

I greet the rest of the boys and Oliver gives them each a bro-hug. Gosh, guys are so stupid sometimes, bro-hugs being a prime example. I smile as the boys start talking about the set-list for tonight. I look around at the various types of people that are here.

All the girls seem to be sporting different hair colors and a variation of the same outfit; a punk rock tee with shorts or a mini-skirt. The guys aren't as varied. Most of the guys have normal colored hair and are wearing muscle shirts also adorned with the name and logo of one band or another. They all have their ears pierced and in most cases their lips or eyebrows as well. It's a completely different atmosphere than I'm used to and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

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