You Just Never Struck Me As That Kind of Girl

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Chapter 34:

Beckinsile's Point of View

I wake up dressed in my Christmas pajamas. The pants have little Santa hats on them and the shirt has a cartoon Santa on it. I slip into my fluffy slippers and pull my hair up into a bun.

I walk out to the banister and see the Christmas tree dressed up in ornaments and tinsel. Lights are twinkling all over it and a star stands at attention up on top of the tree.

"Merry Christmas, Becky..." My mom kisses me on the cheek as the boys, including my dad, come out of their room.

"Merry Christmas, elves..." I say with abundant pleasure.

"Cute, merry Christmas to you too, Becks..." Gabe crosses his arms and smirks, like usual.

We all go down and wake up Gran and Grandpa before walking into the living room. My mom puts the kettle on for hot chocolate and a pot on for coffee. We sort the presents and all take a seat by our own respective piles.

"I think Gran should open one first," Mom says as she comes back into the living room.

"Okay...I'll open this one from George." Grans tears off the wrapping paper and discovers a new set of bake ware. "I love it so much! I've needed some new bake ware and this looks perfect...Thank you, George!"

"I'm glad; Merry Christmas, Mary." My dad smiles and then we move on.

"I think it's Beckinsile's turn to open one," My dad says and urges me to pick one.

I pick up a small bag from in front of me and pull out the tissue paper. Two tickets are nestled in the bag and I squeal when I read what's written on them.

"Backstage passes to the Warped tour..." I scream and clutch the tickets to my chest.

"The tour just so happened to be where we're going on vacation over spring break so we thought why not. Also, Aunt Helena's family is coming with us and she offered to go with you so life just gets even better." Mom smirks as I run to give her and Dad a hug.

"Thank you guys so much!"

"I'm so glad that you like them." Mom smiles as I go back to my seat. "Who's next?"


It's a few hours later and all the gifts have been opened. Mom and Gran have started dinner and asked me to set the big dining room table which can seat up to twenty people. I have no idea why we have a formal dining room since we only use it a couple times a year but I guess it's for occasions like this that require a large formal dining room.

I pull some nice placemats and napkins from the cabinet. I set up a place for each person and then grab the plates and glasses to finish off the table setting.

"Beautiful, you want to help with dinner?" My mom smiles as she continues stirring something in a bowl.

"Sure, but I need time to get ready..."

"You've got two hours until they come; we'll make sure you get at least an hour to get ready." I follow my mom out to the kitchen and help her with the cooking.

I peel potatoes and mix up dough for the pies. I help Gran cut up fruit and fill the pies so they're ready for baking.

"Good job, Becky...You should go get ready now." Gran pats my shoulder as I set my apron on the window seat and rush to my room.


I run a comb through my hair and tighten my curls with a curling iron. I apply some foundation and then move onto my eyes. I put on some gold eye shadow and then add black  eye liner. I complete my eyes with black mascara before glossing my lips and going in search of an outfit. 

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