Little Gingerbread Men

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Chapter 32:

Beckinsile's Point of View

After two more long months of school, it's finally winter break. The atmosphere is light and happy as everyone leaves for their two weeks of winter vacation. Lots of people are talking about their vacations but I'm just glad that I get to stay home and be lazy for two weeks. My grandparents and Aunt Helena's family are coming over for Christmas dinner but that's the biggest thing that's happening to me over winter vacation. Oliver's not going anywhere either so he's promised to help me in my quest to be lazy for two weeks straight. Fiona, on the other hand, is accompanying her family to UCLA to pick up her brother and then her whole family is going to Cancun for the two weeks of vacation.

"I'm going to miss you; text me whenever you can..." Fiona says and pulls me into a hug before getting into her car.

Oliver drapes his arm over my shoulder and leads me to his motorcycle. The first snowflakes of winter are accumulating and there's a light dusting over everything. Oliver hands me his spare helmet and I put it on before straddling the bike. I zip up my coat and grab onto him as he speeds out of the parking lot.

We arrive in my house and my mom's car is in the driveway which means that she's already picked up my grandparents. I get off the bike and unstrap the helmet. Oliver gets off too and takes off his. He pulls me in and leans closer. I place my lips on his and feel his hand caress my cheek gently. We let go and his hand lingers on my cheek.

"I don't know if you'd want to do this but my grandparents are in town and they've undoubtedly seen what just happened..." Oliver places a finger on my lips, interrupting me.

"Are you asking if I'd like to meet your grandparents?" Oliver smirks.

"Well...only if you want to..." I stare at the snow collecting on the driveway.

"I'd love to," Oliver sets his helmet and mine on the bike before following me up to my door.

I unlock the door and immediately catch a glimpse of my grandfather and Nate standing nonchalantly by the door.

"I told you that everyone in my family had a spying problem." I roll my eyes as Grandpa and Nate break down laughing. "We should meet my Grandmother first; she's nicer..." I stick my tongue out at Nate and walk towards the kitchen.

I can smell my Grandmother's famous Chocolate Christmas cake baking as we enter the kitchen.

"Becky," My grandmother squeals and pulls me into a hug.

"Gran," I say and hug her tightly.

"I've missed you so much; you look so pretty, sweetheart..." Gran smoothes my hair and pinches my cheeks a little.

"Thanks; I've missed you too..." I smile as she takes notice of Oliver.

"Who's this?" Gran brushes her hands on her apron and gives Oliver a smile.

"This is my boyfriend, Oliver Marshall..." Oliver holds out his hand and she laughs a little before pulling him into a hug.

"Pleasure to meet you, ma'am..." Oliver says as Gran lets go of him.

"Call me Elizabeth..." Grandma says and smiles at Oliver.

"Gran, we're going to go see Grandpa..." My voice trails off a little.

"Do me a favor and teach him a lesson for spying on you kids; I told him to stay away from that window but Nate was more convincing..." Gran smirks and gets her cake out of the oven.

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