You're Just Going To Miss Your Ride

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Chapter 29:

Beckinsile's Point of View

It's Wednesday morning which can mean only one thing, the end of my four day weekend. I groan as my alarm beeps in its annoying way once again. It's Aunt Helena's last day here which makes me upset because we had so much fun this weekend.

She got mad at me for all about two minutes when I called her at 9 A.M. Monday morning to pick me up from Oliver's. She asked what I was doing and I said that I'd fallen asleep and didn't wake up until 9 A.M. She didn't believe me but left the matter alone after that.

We'd gone out for coffee multiple times and watched cheesy chick-flicks until early Tuesday morning. On Tuesday, Aunt Helena let me help her with some outfits for Falling Daisies and then we baked cookies together. Nate and Gabe, however, were only interested in eating the cookies and watching sports games.

I force myself out of bed and into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I slip into a pair of jeans and my raspberry colored hoodie. I pull on my TOMS and grab my bag.

I run down the stairs and into the kitchen where Aunt Helena is making breakfast dressed in a pair of leggings, a lace top and a blue blazer. Her gold necklaces are hanging around her neck and her fingers are cluttered with rings as she attempts to make eggs. I chuckle and go to help her out. She gives me a grateful look as I take over the breakfast cooking.

"I'm so hungry," Gabe groans as he and Nate walk into the kitchen.

"Good because breakfast is almost ready..." Aunt Helena brings plates over to me and I fill them up with eggs.

"Done," I say as I take my plate and eat my breakfast.

Gabe and Nate shovel the food into their mouth and grab their bags. Gabe opens the back door and walks out.

"Gabriel, bring my keys back here right now." I hear Gabe sigh and toss the Sting Ray keys back through the door and Aunt Helena catches them around her finger. "Thank you; take your brother his keys, Beckinsile..." Aunt Helena gives me a hug as I take Gabe's keys out to him.

We drive to school in much welcomed silence. After we arrive at the high school, I give Gabe a wave and then run to my math classroom. Ed, Fiona and Oliver are already in their normal seats which worries me because I've always beat Oliver to school. I take a seat and give Oliver a small smile as I settle in. Mr. Meyer calls attendance and then starts off our post-vacation schooling with one of his famously boring lectures. I groan internally and begin to take notes; class is going to be longer than I expected.


After class, Ed slips me a note that tells me and Oliver to meet him in the library by the atlases during our lunch period. We give him a slight nod as we walk off towards Mr. Mitchell's science classroom. We take our seats and pull out our notebooks.

Our classmates are having loud conversations about how amazing their four day weekends were all around us but Oliver and I remain silent. Mr. Mitchell walks into the classroom as the bell rings and immediately begins the day's lesson, a lecture; no surprise there. I pull out my notebook and a ballpoint pen for this awful task people call note taking. His monotone voice drones on and on about God only knows what and I'm seriously regretting waking up this morning.

"You bored?" Oliver whispers and I give him a sleepy nod.

If Mr. Mitchell doesn't find a way to make this lecture more interesting he may become the first teacher to actually make me fall asleep.


It's lunch now. I've barely survived science and marketing so I'm in desperate of a break. Oliver grabs my hand and we walk into the library. Ed and Fiona are standing by the atlases and he waves us over the minute he sees us.

"I don't have a lot of time because my teacher thinks I'm in the bathroom but I really need to tell you guys something..." Ed says and then takes a pause to gauge our reactions.

"Well what is it?" I say with a smirk.

"You know how I told you that I got an interview for a job..."

"Please tell me that I didn't skip class for you to tell me that you got a job..." Fiona says and crosses her arms.

"It's not that exactly. I got an interview for a record deal..." My eyes go wide.

Since the day I met him, all Ed ever dreamed of was getting a record deal and making a career out of music. This must mean a lot to him that his dream could finally be recognized.

"Well, do you know what they think?" I ask with a small smile.

"They said they listened to my demo and they loved it; they want to sign me immediately."

"That's amazing," I squeal and pull him into a hug. "So, what are you going to do about school?"

"That's the thing; if I take the deal then I wouldn't go to school anymore...They want to sign me as a fulltime singer/songwriter." Ed has a sad look in his eyes as we pull away.

"You have to take this; this could be your only chance." I bite my lip and try to gauge his thoughts.

"I know," He says and runs his fingers through his hair.

"What do your parents think?" Fiona asks in a small voice.

"The record label said that they'd bring in a tutor so my parents are completely okay with it. Except they have to emancipate me so I can live on my own and make decisions for myself. The label is coming by to talk to them this weekend." Ed takes in a deep breath.

"You have to take this!" I say a little more forcefully than I meant to.

"Trying to get rid of me now, Becks?"

"No, but this is huge; you have to do'll regret it if you pass up this opportunity." I say and blush a little.

"I know; that's why I accepted it...The label is also bringing my contract by for our family lawyer to review when they talk to my parents this weekend." Ed says sheepishly.

"That's great," I say as I pull Ed into another hug.

"Thanks; I'll be here until Friday so there's no need to get teary just yet."

"I know but I just can't believe you won't be here every day..."

"You're just going to miss your ride..." Ed says with a smirk.

"Can you not be an idiot for like five seconds?" I run my thumb under my eyes as we release each other.

"Nope, Becks. It'll be fine; I'll come back to visit at Christmas and I'm only half an hour away from here so it's not like I'm going to another country or anything."

"Congrats, mate..." Oliver and Ed bro-hug. "What's the label?"

"Stark Weather Records...Its parent company is owned by Simon Cowell of all people." Ed has a gleam in his eyes.

"That's amazing," Oliver gushes.

"Thanks but I'm going to miss you guys so much..." Ed admits. "Oliver, you have to take care of the little scamp over here...she needs it," Ed ruffles my hair.

"I will, mate." Oliver smiles at me

"Group hug," Fiona says and pulls us all in close.

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