Spare Yourself; I'm Done Here

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The next two chapters are where Cadillac goes to talk to her father and what happens after their confrontation...If I'd made them one chapter than it would've been way too long so that's why chapter 16 is coming in parts...this little storyline about Cadillac continues into chapter 17 but that's the last part where the story is focused directly on her life...Chapter 16 A+B and Chapter 17 are kind of a package deal I guess :P...ILY guys <3<3

Chapter 16: Part A

Beckinsile's Point of View

I make it through English and walk off towards the lunchroom with Oliver when I hear Fiona come up behind me. Oliver gets the message and walks off to find Ed.

"What the hell, Beckinsile?" Fiona hisses.

"I'm sorry I should've told you."

"Yes you should've; you got a boyfriend and it slips your mind to call your best friend? I didn't even know you liked him." Fiona looks extremely pissed.

"I didn't even know I liked him until yesterday; it was kind of spontaneous."

"You had to have known you liked him before yesterday in the library." Fiona rolls her eyes.

"I guess but I swear I didn't tell anyone else. Fiona, I'm really sorry, can you forgive me?" I give her the puppy dog eyes to which she immediately caves.

"Fine, I'll forgive you but I expect full details after the first date." She says as she wraps her arms around me.

"Don't worry; I'll remember to call." I giggle as we walk into the cafeteria.

Fiona steps into the lunch line and I make my way over to Ed and Oliver. They're deep in conversation which immediately stops when I take a seat, making me think that they were talking about me. I smile and pull out my lunch bag. Oliver immediately steals a strawberry with a smirk plastered on his face. I roll my eyes and hand him the whole bag.

"Really?" His eyes light up as he pops another one into his mouth.

"Yes; they make you a lot happier than they could ever make me." Oliver grabs my hand under the table, a gesture I'm pretty sure Ed noticed.

"I have something for you too." He hands me a bag filled with red, yellow and blur sour patch kids. He remembered.

On Sunday, we'd been texting about random things and suddenly we were talking about our favorite candy flavors. I'd told him that I only like the red, yellow and blue sour patch kids.

I open the bag and fish out a piece of paper. Oliver has scribbled a personal note on it.

Hello Beautiful,

I was wondering if you'd accompany me to the fun fair on the pier this Saturday night.


Your King

I smile at the note and then slip it into my bag. I give Oliver a smile and a nod. I can hear him mutter "yes," in a low whisper. I shake my head at him and go back to eating.


"There you are, Beckinsile." Cadillac calls after the final bell has rung. It's my guess she's been there since the beginning of our last period, most likely dreading what I'm about to make her do.

"Please, call me Becks." I say and lead her to where I told Ed to pick us up. He'd grudgingly agreed after I promised him a bag of gummy bears. Gosh, between him and Oliver, I don't know what I'll do.

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