Chapter 2 : Il Minjoon

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And then I opened my eyes.


In a world similar to Earth, stood 2 continents. The North and the South. The South Continent is composed of three kingdoms. The Xu Kingdom, with the bravest warriors. The Han Kingdom, the kindest healers. And the Il Kingdom, with the fairest and later, came to be known as the most ruthless rulers.

Il Minjoon was the crown prince of the Il Kingdom. He was forced to mature at an early age due to his father, the Emperor. The Emperor of the Il Kingdom was, for a change, not fair. With a hundred concubines and dozens of children, he ruled with a crooked hand. Minjoon plotted the Emperor and the harem's demise, killing them along with his half-brothers and sisters, making him ascend the throne.

Before becoming Emperor, Minjoon met a girl in the midst of climbing up an apricot tree. The girl's name was Min Ji Ah. Ji Ah, who was the daughter of the highest official was supposedly the villainess but suddenly died and got replaced with a girl in modern times. The girl, who was now residing in the body of Ji Ah vowed to do her best to prevent her death in the original plot and was set on changing the original image of the previous Ji Ah. Little did she know that her actions caused the male lead, Minjoon, who was supposed to be with the female lead, fell in love with the villainess instead, who was his betrothed, Min Ji Ah.

Many challenges were faced. Along with the corrupt kingdom is the impending war with the Bakjan, the tyrants of the North Continent. Known to be insane and bloodthirsty, they were described as beasts in human skin. Skinning people, eating human flesh, they are the cannibals of the North. Minjoon with the help of Ji Ah cleansed the impurities of the Empire and lead all the three kingdoms to victory against the Bakjan.

Minjoon became the Emperor and Min Ji Ah became the Empress.

Then suddenly, Ji Ah died. Minjoon mourned for her. Little did he know, that the former Empress, Minjoon's mother, plotted the death of Min Ji Ah due to the delusion of Ji Ah controlling and abusing her one and only son. After Minjoon knew of this, he killed his mother, who abandoned him at a young age, and tossed her body in the sea, never to be seen again. Minjoon, overcome with grief, couldn't stand the thought of living without his lover, later killed himself by jumping off a cliff.

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'That was quite tragic.'

[You are now briefed of the plot. Your task at hand is to prevent the male lead from dying and to achieve a happy ending.]

'Hey, Companio- You know what, I'll just call you Cam.'

[I am your Companion.]

I'll just pretend I didn't hear that.

'Hey, Cam, Who am I?'

[...You are the former Empress, Xu Hae Gi..]

Suddenly, a burning sensation resonated in my head. I screamed as memories flashed through my brain. My mind kicking into overdrive. Scenes of me growing up with 3 men, supposedly my brothers, my father announcing my engagement to the crown prince of the Il Kingdom, laughing and crying on being engaged to a man I didn't know, falling in love with the said man, and being pregnant with the man's baby are being imprinted in my mind like water crashing and flowing down the stream.

'Empress, push!'

Again, I cried in agony. Shooting pain burst in my lower back and abdomen, like someone ripping me apart from the inside, stabbing me in the stomach.

What the hell?

'Come on Hae Gi push the damn baby out or else you'll both die! Push! PUSH!'

What is this? Am I giving birth?

'Lady Lee, I think the Empress is getting weaker. What should we do?'

I groaned. I can feel the contractions, squeezing and twisting my insides, making me arch my back from the pain.

Oh my fu**ing god it hurts.

[Remember, save the male lead, who is currently in your womb, and achieve a happy ending.]

This is unfair.

[Life isn't fair. Good luck Ema.]

With a resolution in mind, I pushed with all my might.

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