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!!! FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES !!! Alternative Names: 我决定去找我亲爸, I want to go find my father, I have decided to go look for my father, Finding my Father Type: Web Novel (CN) Ge...
Safe Haven by LeeannaMorgan
Safe Havenby Leeanna Morgan
When Hayley falls for a bodyguard whose secret is more dangerous than her own, she must decide how much she is willing to risk for love. ...
My Son Might Be A Villain by -yukina14-
My Son Might Be A Villainby yukina-chan
This story is not mine, I only uploaded it for offline reading purposes - translation from MTL Su Ran, a music prodigy, woke up transmigrated into a book. At that point...
Love, Anonymous by Liz_Plum
Love, Anonymousby Liz
*Completed* "I just want to know why." I say as I turn over, trying to find his figure through the dark of my room. "Why what?" He asks. "Why...
Transmigrated into a Parvenu's Ex-wife in the '90s by crystal_lovesreading
Transmigrated into a Parvenu's Ex...by Crystal_lovesreading 🧡📙
She woke up from her sleep to the divorce papers that the original owner's husband tossed at her. Shu Yan picked up the document and took a look. She gets the house and...
Short Story | Miracle Baby by PeppermintPassion
Short Story | Miracle Babyby Ari
A young girl who was betrayed by her own family and now is carrying an unborn child. A rich, gentleman who usually keeps to himself, but notices a young, homeless, beaut...
MaNan : Only Fools Fall For You by Beyond_Moon
MaNan : Only Fools Fall For Youby Beyond Moon
MaNan. Medical background. This story is light and heartwarming. It is a simple love story between two complicated beings. Both are not perfect and not flawless, they bo...
- 𝑴𝒐𝒐𝒏𝒍𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕 𝑨𝒎𝒐𝒖𝒓 - by SSnovelist
- 𝑴𝒐𝒐𝒏𝒍𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕 𝑨𝒎𝒐𝒖𝒓 -by Broken_Angel
Wang Yibo was born as a criminal slave and was rescued by the Third Prince. After years of painstaking efforts to put him on the throne, Wang Yibo became a sycophantic m...
Minsung mafia by Kpopfankyli
Minsung mafiaby Kpopfankyli
Minho met jisung 2 years back before he became a mafia boss. but jisung didn't remember him. Once jisung came to join Minho's mafia. He found out jisung had been torture...
Eldest Sister, Why Haven't You Married Yet   by MarygraceDumasis
Eldest Sister, Why Haven't You Mar...by MGMG
Once transmigrated she entered a fire pit. Yue You Jin as the eldest daughter of the second branch was adorned with a bunch of younger sisters. Her strong soul however d...
My Sweetheart by klare_zhan
My Sweetheartby klare_zhan
Sweetheart - Yizhan Version 💚💛❤️ Happy ending 😊😊😊
Fake Slackers by bonna_44
Fake Slackersby bonna
NOT MY STORY FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY Author: Mu Gua Huang, 木瓜黄 Genres: Comedy Romance School Life Slice of Life Yaoi Status in COO: 112 Chapters + 3 Extra Cha...
[MTL]I Have Seven Big Brothers by DonnaMariano149
[MTL]I Have Seven Big Brothersby PurplePhoenix22
Details Short Title : IHSBB Alternate Title : 我有七个大佬哥哥 Status [Edit] : Completed Author : Lop rabbit Genre : Drama, Romance, Urban Life Novel Summary From the poor littl...
Daddy is the Villain Xianjun. by Mikan1224
Daddy is the Villain Xianjun.by 蜜柑
❦❦ The half-demon cub Ning Zhizhi was holding her fox tail in the empty Xianju Cave Mansion, starving to the point of eating grass. Finally one day, her beautiful and p...
Villains in the kindergarten✔️ by CaratzentinyKhit
Villains in the kindergarten✔️by Flo
Shen MuAn is kindergarten teacher. He is usually like to read bloody drama novel. Suddenly one day, his world merged with the world in the book. He discovered that kinde...
Anastasia by JasmynTailor
Anastasiaby Jasmyn
When all hope was lost, He began to make all things new. - This is the story of Anastasia and Austin. Very unlikely friends who fell in love without a moment's notice. ...
Stuttering Big Boss's White Moonlight by arin_nha
Stuttering Big Boss's White Moonli...by arinnha
For offline reading only Not my story or translation All rights go to the original owner Author(s) : 南陵一别 Status: Completed Alternative Title:结巴大佬的白月光 ...
Silence - Adopted By Elizabeth Olsen by elizabethsdaddy
Silence - Adopted By Elizabeth Ols...by elizabethsdaddy
Elizabeth is an actress preparing for her next big movie by following a teacher's internship in a small, conservative town. It doesn't take long for one of her students...
Helping smg3 by Smg34foreva
Helping smg3by Smg34foreva
Smg3 is struggling with some mental problems. And smg4 just insists on helping him. The two work together to help smg3. LOTS of swears, but NO 18+ content. Feel free to...
Converse x Vans  by fruityflavouredair
Converse x Vans by fruityflavouredair
Buckle on grab your tissues hold your horses this fan fiction hits the soft spots. No smut. Mentions of SA SH, suicide and swears. All right to characters go to Alice Os...