Chapter 20 : Siegfried de Chauvegné

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A medieval world full of wars and battles. There were no magic, nor monsters. In this world, there was only a battle for supremacy. 

In one of the many continents, a baby was born in a small cottage. His name was Siegfried. He was born in a poor, yet happy family. 

He became an orphan at an early age. His father died in battle, and his mother died from an illness. 

He was left in an orphanage. And he called it hell. 

He hated the noisy kids around him, he hated the kids who always bullied him, he hated the nagging woman demanding him to clean the whole attic, he hated being slapped on the face whenever he did something wrong. 

He left the orphanage. It was a rainy day back then. But he did not expect that a wild boar would appear. When he thought he was about to die, a man holding a wooden pole saved him. 

It was still raining, making them soaked and wet. Siegfried was starting to shiver from the cold. Then the man beckoned him to follow him.

He followed him until he saw a two-story mansion. It looked very old, the design very outdated. Vines were crawling all over the gates and across the walls of the mansion. There was a huge black gate that creaked as they opened. Inside was a wide field that looked unmaintained. There were many weeds and shrubs that made the whole garden look part of the forest. Because of the rainy night along with the thunder, it looked more of an abandoned mansion than a noble's abode.

The man fed him and taught him how to read and write. The man became his pillar, his support, his family.

He later learned that the man lived with his wife. Siegfried hated the man's wife. She was always loud, there's never a day that she did not complain. She always nagged at her husband and blamed the man for all of her sufferings. Siegfried couldn't help but hate this detestable woman.

Thus, he wasn't surprised that the woman left her husband and married a noble with high standing. He was 11 years old back then.

When he became 15 years old, the man also left him alone in this world. Soldiers barged inside the mansion and asked for the man. They said he will be executed a week from now, orders from the king.

The man left Siegfried his sword, his ring, and his last name. 

He became Siegfried de Chauvegné.

Siegfried de Chauvegné was a noble who hated the king. He hated the royal family to the very core of his being. Because of them, his mother and father died. Because of them, his teacher died.

They took everything away from him.

Using what was given to him, he became a powerful noble that revived the once dead de Chauvegné household. Slowly but surely he reclaimed the land that was stolen from their household. He ruled with ferocity and with an iron hand. He was ruthless but fair. He was cold yet wise. He became known as 'the Chauvegné devil'.

But he was still not content.

He wanted those royals to grovel on the ground in front of him, to plead him for forgiveness. So he ventured to the capital.

He was supposed to stick to his plan until he met a girl. This girl was being dragged away by men. When he saw she was struggling, he rushed to save the girl.

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