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The Yandere Cooks for the Villain in Each World by Desert_S
The Yandere Cooks for the Villain...by Desert
After joining the Villain system, the Villain was forced to do world upon world growing emotionless from the pain and suffering put upon her in each world. That is- unti...
From Sidekick to Bigshot by Nythzy
From Sidekick to Bigshotby 🐼
*WARNING!!! STORY'S NOT MINE* ~ Previously, Jian Yiling was the supporting character who was destined to be cannon fodder. However now, with the memories of future even...
Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Young Miss by AriseMonarchJinWoo
Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolo...by Shadow Monarch Sung Jin Woo
The destitute young miss of the Ling family was weak, had lowly qualifications, was ugly and frequently bullied. In the end, she was pushed into the freezing river by he...
"Stay with me and I will give you everything your heart desires. For you, my darling, I would part the mountains, split the sea, and cause havoc on Earth just to ha...
The Rest Of My Life Is For You [Volume 1] by Mgix_star
The Rest Of My Life Is For You [Vo...by StarryJade
Yu Yuehan is the usual rich, perfect, aloof president-the richest man in City H; but one day, a female toddler suddenly appears in his life as his daughter! Despite bein...
Adopting/Raising The Male Lead and The Villain by Yuna_O
Adopting/Raising The Male Lead and...by DollThrone
Zhong Yuhuan had transmigrated into a book and became the female supporting character who was destined to die an untimely and tragic death. Coincidentally, her family ad...
After Transmigrating into a Short-lived White Moonlight by UuHhUhUhUh
After Transmigrating into a Short...by Your Wife, Sister AJ Kate!
Sang Yuanyuan transmigrated into a sadistic romance ancient fantasy novel, becoming the male lead's ill-fated beautiful white moonlight that died early. The male lead lo...
Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife B1 by Redstar-1990
Major General's Smart and Gorgeous...by Redstar-1990
Disclaimer: This novel is for offline purpose only. All Credits still goes to the Translator/s and the Author of this Novel. Book 1 Author(s) 银狐小音 Description: With a ma...
I Became The Stepmother of My Ex-husband by Emmax1234
I Became The Stepmother of My Ex-h...by Needsleep
Not mine (just to read without internet) So she married her ex-husband's father, the father-in-law she never met in the previous life, the country's God of war, who has...
I Faked Amnesia to Break off My Engagement,But My Fiance won't let me!! by Blue_Iced_Tea
I Faked Amnesia to Break off My En...by [ X I N ]
***[ C O M P L E T E D ]*** Viola, the daughter of a viscount, wanted to break her engagement with Philip, a duke, because it would only bring her disadvantages. Then, i...
( BOOK 1 ) Five Villain Daddies Are Fighting To Spoil Me by Yuna_O
( BOOK 1 ) Five Villain Daddies Ar...by DollThrone
Ye Sang's five daddies were all villains wicked beyond redemption who were doing bad things in the world. Eventually, they were all killed by the male lead! And so, she...
Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant's Pampered Demon Empress  by SweetMelody129
Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyra...by Chae Nara
*THIS NOVEL IS NOT MINE* Despite being the ruler of a nation, nobody was willing to marry the vicious man with a bloodlust. An imperial decree forced an infamous fool, M...
Healing Quick Transmigration: Blackened Male God, Come For a Hug by InkMonster05
Healing Quick Transmigration: Blac...by ケシア サンソン
As a river demon who loved life, Yun Fanfan found it hard to believe that there were still people who did not want to live in this world. Thus, with a system on her, she...
Forced to Date a Big Shot by winter_haneul
Forced to Date a Big Shotby Winter Blossom
not mine for offline purposes only ************************************ Summary: Xue Xi is forced to fall in love at first sight with this dangerous man on their first...
When A Lazy Person Gets Reincarnated As A Villainess Of An Otome Game by Littlepho
When A Lazy Person Gets Reincarnat...by LittleNix
Rose was an artist and musician in her past life, she died somehow and got reincarnated as the villainess of an otome game she keeps hearing about. Seriously! Why did yo...
I Am A Matchmaker On Taotao by SimranYamamoto
I Am A Matchmaker On Taotaoby Simmi
Btw it's on of my favorite so it's not my own n u can find it on Google but English version is not complete n I copy paste it from original Chinese version... I just hop...
Mrs. Huo Is A Crybaby[Book 1] by CherryChim234
Mrs. Huo Is A Crybaby[Book 1]by Diamond
Disclaimer: Neither the picture, translation and the content belong to me. They are uploaded here not for any purpose but for entertainment only. ...
[BL] Transmigrating into the Reborn Male Lead's Ex-Boyfriend by Blue_Iced_Tea
[BL] Transmigrating into the Rebor...by [ X I N ]
Song Xuanhe transmigrated into a book called "The President's Seven Boyfriends". He became the President's cannon fodder ex-boyfriend, Song Xuanhe. The Song Xu...
The paranoid villain is sister control  (Siscon) by MTL_Tiasa
The paranoid villain is sister con...by Tiasa
NOT MINE!! THE SAME AUTHOR OF NOVEL PASSING TROUGH THE SCUM WOMAN BY 雪默 (snow silent) https://m.shubaow.net/165/165380/ GOOGLE WEB TRANSLATION!! He Mianmian transmigrat...
I Married Female Lead's Crush by Illya_lix
I Married Female Lead's Crushby jalele
*THIS STORY IS NOT MINE* *FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY* This is a story of a sicko and vicious tongued male lead pampering and obsessing over his little wife. Once...