Chapter 9: Il Minjoon

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It was a peaceful day.

The sound of birds chirping combined with the gentle cool breeze, the leaves rustling, the bell chimes ringing. across the whole yard.

It was quiet.

On the wooden platform facing the ancient tree sat a woman. She was leaning her back against the post. In her hands was a warm cup of tea.

Hae Gi sighed as she sipped her tea. The warmth spreading throughout her battered body, making her feel refreshed. All the chores that she'd done made her feel tired. More so without her little helping hand.

It's already been a few years since she woke up in this world. It was very beautiful. Still not tainted with machines, the excellent view of nature made it worth the stay. The air devoid of smoke, the sky filled with clouds. The soul inside couldn't help but feel glad.

It made her go on through the years. At first, she thought she had it all planned out. She will all do the opposite of what the original did. Yet the process was hard.

Having to take care of a child was very demanding on her body and her mind, especially in the first month. 

Having to wake up in the middle of the night, just to ease the baby's cries. Holding the baby in her bosom as she cleans and does chores- If it wasn't for the original's friend, Eunjung, she doubts she would still be alive.

Once Minjoon started to walk, life became easier. She taught the child how to speak, to do minimal chores, to write- until Minjoon became her little helper.

The hectic mornings became bearable with the child around. Yes sometimes It was frustrating when the child broke something and does something wrong, but with a little scolding, the boy was yet again back on track.

Hae Gi was thankful that the child is obedient and smart. She was happy to have the child around.

It made every day bearable, and fun.

But these past few days, she was left to her own devices. After breakfast, Minjoon always hurries to go out. But not without saying goodbye to her first.

As he left, Hae Gi sat in a daze, then goes back to her own chores. It was very tiring without Minjoon around. She usually finishes before lunchtime, but now she finishes before dawn, leaving her weak and hungry. Because she doesn't have a child around, she usually makes Onigiris (rice ball) and prepares herself a warm cup of tea.

She was always sitting in the same spot, every day, sipping tea. Staring off in the distance, her gaze dark and solemn.

She didn't want to but she was feeling lonely again.

She always hated this feeling, she liked being alone. But too much, is just, too much. She was fed up with it. She already hated it. That feeling.

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