Chapter 19

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[*Power on. starting back-up drive*]

[Process complete]

I opened my eyes, blinking. It was the same white walls and empty space from before. In front of me was the familiar bright blue orb floating on a platform.

[Welcome back trainee#021400, how was your trip?]

This bastard. 

[I will pretend I did not hear what you just said.]

I stared blankly at the orb, fatigue overcoming me. My chest felt heavy as I breathed. I can still feel the suffocating pain from the moment I drank that wine.

[As promised, rewards will be given.]

The fatigue suddenly washed away, I stood straight as I expectantly looked at the blue orb.

[Out of your two missions. One is completed. Thus the monetary reward will be deducted; from 1 million to 500 thousand.]

...What is this?

I only accomplished one mission you say? How? Did the crown prince die in the end? By the time I died, everything went perfectly well.

The orb shone faintly as if looking at me with disappointment.

[Did you think that once you died nothing will change? You are an anomaly that made their lives change.]

Suddenly, a screen appeared in front of me.


It showed what happened next. The consort was seized and imprisoned as the maid who delivered the silver cup confessed of the consort's evil deeds. People were horrified as they stared at the Empress lying lifelessly on the floor. Around her were the ones who held Hae Gi dear the most.

The one who stood out the most was Minjoon, who kneeled at her side holding her hand. He was sobbing as he looked at his mother who lay lifelessly on the floor. Her best friend and empire's greatest doctor was trying to make her heart beat once more.

The general who was standing at the back was now in front, ordering his soldiers to seize the consort. Yoonjae clenched his fists closing his eyes. He failed her, He failed to protect the woman he promised to protect. 

The emperor coldly stared at the woman who killed his beloved, hatred in his eyes. He did not even look back as he ordered the woman to be hanged. He felt angry. Angry at himself for not protecting her well. For not protecting the person he loved the most. He felt so drained, lifeless. He did not have the will anymore to live.

A funeral was made for her. She was buried at the same place Daehyun and Hae Gi met. Many people cried and mourned for her - the maids, the servants, and the people who loved her for who she was.

The emperor, Minjoon's father, decided to send Minjoon on a mission along with his friend, Baekho. They ventured far north, where the general was standing on guard.

They discovered their sworn enemy much earlier than expected, thanks to Minjoon's interference. Thanks to that, they were able to gather enough evidence and think of strategies to protect their kingdom from the enemies.

Minjoon was able to reunite the three kingdoms through their findings and together they fought the Bakjans. They had an overwhelming victory.

It was just like the plot. The male lead succeeded to reunite the kingdoms and successfully sat on his throne. But many things changed.

The male lead's father did not die and instead helped him fight back against the corrupt officials in the palace. Together, they got rid of the officials and nobles who adulterated the kingdom and its people.

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