Chapter 6: Il Minjoon

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A woman in white scrubs sat near the acacia tree. Her back hunched, her legs crossed. She stared at Hae Gi, who seemed busy cleaning the baby. Her face contorts as she sighed. She leaped from the pedestal and walked towards the girl.

"You idiot, you won't finish at this rate. Even if you need to be gentle, you still need to apply a little force."

The woman snatched the towel and proceeded to wash the baby. Hae Gi stared at Eunjung, her best friend and rival. Eunjung is her childhood friend. ever since they were children, they always challenged each other in any game possible. They might seem like enemies, but in truth, that's just their way of showing their friendship.

"Jungji you're so good at this. "Hae Gi hummed as she leaned back, her gaze lidded. 

Eunjung was yet again frustrated. Her hands stopped, her teeth clenched. Her eyes blurred as she struggled not to cry. This wasn't the Hae Gi she knew. The girl that she grew up with would snatch the towel from her grasp and say 'Did I ask?'. The girl that she knew would cry while cursing that man. 

That girl that she knew- wouldn't be this languid. Lifeless.

"What were you thinking? You would be this good if you were to rest! I told you to sit down and let me do it. You're still fresh from labor and you're not supposed to walk! "

Eunjung faced Hae Gi, scolding her. While being scolded, Hae Gi grinned and waved her hand.

"It's fine. Don't worry."

"You could've died! If I wasn't there you would've died!"

Eunjung glared at Hae Gi. Her lips pressed together as she let an exasperated sigh out of her lips.

"You could've given the child to someone to take care of while you're recuperating. There's no harm in that."

Hae Gi shook her head. She trudged forward, and carefully lifted the baby, placing the infant in her arms. 

"He's my baby. He's the only thing that keeps me alive. What makes me go on in life. "

She hugged the baby closer, rubbing her nose against the baby's little nub. The baby cooed, small giggles left his mouth as he stared at his mother. The first to give him warmth and comfort.

"Okay, fine. Have you named him yet?"

She lifted her hand and placed her palms against the baby's cheeks.

"His name is Minjoon. Isn't it nice? It means a clever and talented child."

Eunjung looked at her friend, then to the child. Her gaze lingered at the baby. Then suddenly she thought of something.

"Il Minjoon. The crown prince of the Il Kingdom."

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