Chapter 9.5: Il Minjoon (Valentine's Day Special)

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Hae Gi was at home preparing dinner. The aroma of chicken combined with herbs spread through the vast space. The sweet yet savory smell of the dish was just heavenly and comforting. Like coming home after a stressful day then finding your favorite dish at the table. 

While cooking the food, Hae Gi was absentmindedly staring into space.  Not until later when she served the dish in the table did she realize that she cooked a tad bit too much just for both of them.

She stood with a frown on her face, her bright blue eyes looking stumped. Hae Gi wondered what to do if there were any leftovers. She couldn't possibly leave it here in the table or else it will rot.

She decided to just wait and see. So she sat down at a nearby chair. In the past few days, she noticed that she was a bit disorganized. It was very unlike her. She did not know how to solve it. She exhaled as she waited for Minjoon to come back. She rubbed her cold hands, seeking warmth. It's already past dawn but Minjoon is still not home.

Hae Gi stared at her hands. It was unlike a maiden's hands that looked soft and smooth, slender and feminine. Instead, it looked coarse and rough, each finger long and bony. All her life she mostly lived alone. Due to her job, she missed all the gatherings, weddings, and reunions. Her parents yelled at her for being too workaholic, but It was not because of that. It was because she did not know what to say, or do. She was not without emotion, she missed the laughter, the joyous talks, the stories that her family tells every dinner. 

She was longing for it.

She wished Minjoon to get home quickly. She was worried for the child. She resolved herself, she will reprimand him the moment he gets home.

A few meters from the blue archway, a man and a child stood. The man looked troubled while the child seemed to be restless.

Daehyun glanced at the child for a moment, then looked at the door with his arm crossed. Attempting to look indifferent, he spoke.

"Go, your mother is waiting."

Minjoon stilled his body stiff. He slowly turned his head at his father, staring at him with a blank face. Minjoon looked at the tall man, his eyes narrowing. 


The child faced forward and walked, but not without glancing sideways.

Daehyun's shoulder slumped as he saw the child walk. He closed his eyes his hands in a fist, attempting to control his emotions. The thought of Hae Gi made him want to rush forward and embrace her. His urges made him want to come up to the door and talk to her. But he stilled himself. Thinking that It was not yet time.

Daehyun turned away as he dragged his feet, planning to go back to his own hell.

Suddenly, hurried footsteps sounded behind him. He felt a strong tug on his robe, making him stop his tracks. He looked on his back to see Minjoon. The child looked antsy, with his one eyebrow raised and a frown on his face. It was the child's hand that stopped him, holding on his robe.

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