Chapter 17.5: Il Minjoon (Lee Wong's Betrayal)

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Lee Wong sat across Minjoon, who was again reading another book.

That boy now grew to a height he couldn't imagine. It made Lee Wong laugh as he recalled the memory of him calling the boy little.

That little boy was now taller than him by half a head. And Lee Wong couldn't joke that much about the boy's height anymore, because if he did then the joke would be on him.

He glanced at Minjoon, noticing the movement of the boy's cerulean eyes, similar to his mother.

Lee Wong then looked at the boy's silvery white hair, hair that the boy inherited from his father.

'Even if that couple looked a bit disoriented, I'm glad this boy came out good.' Lee Wong thought as he nodded, smiling to himself.

Feeling the old man's gaze, Minjoon lifted his eyes from the book and looked at the old man with a deadpan expression.

"What is it, old man?"

Sighing, Minjoon closed the book he was reading and stretched his back.

"You keep looking at me like you want to eat me, it's starting to creep me out."

'On second thought, I think the child is a little bit disrespectful.' He thought as he stroked his chin, his eyes twitching. Instead of rebuking back, he just laughed it off.

"How was the book? Was it fun to read?"

Suddenly, Minjoon's face became glum. He held the book in his palms, his hands tightening as he gripped the book. His half-lidded eyes stared at the book as he shook his head.

Lee Wong leaned on the table, his chin resting on his clasped hands. He nodded at Minjoon, 

encouraging him to tell him more.

Minjoon's eyes then bore at him, Lee wong could see the hidden frustration and resentment within.

"It... was about a soldier from the past civil war. He wrote that he had a wonderful family. A loving mother, and 2 younger brothers, and also a father that taught him the ways of the world."

Lee Wong froze, his back becoming rigid.

"He wrote that his father was very wise, being the commander of the Kingdom. He had to always go to him whenever he had troubles or when he was indecisive about things."

"He emphasized that his father was the best, and along with his mother, his father was invincible. He felt grateful that he was born into a loving and complete family."

"Yet one day, rumors of an incoming war rattled the whole kingdom, along with their household. It marked the end of their peaceful days and severed the ties of their family."

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