Chapter 16 : Il Minjoon

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The consort stormed out with a scowl on her face. She stomped forward, her feet almost leaving a footprint on the wooden tiles.

Her servants trailed behind her, their head hung low. 

Her eyes moistened as she hastily walked away, biting her lip hard, pain vibrating to her whole being like tumultuous sea waves. 

Min Hi felt so frustrated she wanted to cry.

She hoisted her skirt up, running to her courtyard. The door immediately opened through the call of her servants who alerted the people inside. The moment she stepped in, a row of servants greeted her with a bow.

"Welcome back, Imperial consort."

Min Hi ignored them as if they did not exist, going straight to her room. The flowers along her pathway swayed vigorously as she burst through.

She violently closed the door and locked it with a piece of wood.


"My lady!"

The servants knocked on the door, their eyes widening as some sighed, irritated by Min Hi's actions.

A maid mumbled at the back, rolling her eyes.

"Here she goes again."

Min Hi leaned on the door as she broke down crying, her emotions in disarray. She slowly fell on her knees as she sobbed uncontrollably, her lips quivering.

She held herself tight as she bent over, rocking back and forth.

No matter what she does, she's not considered worthy.

She remembered that night like a blissful dream, a dream that made her wishes come true.

She sneaked through the dark hallway, sweating as she thought of her father possibly knowing she was gone. 

She kept her head down as she smiled, covering her mouth as she tried not to giggle. 

Looking at the Emperor at close proximity was worth all the trouble after all.

She sighed as she dreamt of the day that she would meet the Emperor, weaving different romantic scenarios in her head - a sweet rendezvous under a cherry blossom tree; being gallantly saved from bandits as he held her in his arms;  inviting her for a romantic dance. 

It made her heart almost burst with happiness as she squeezed her eyes shut smiling from ear to ear, squealing as she did so. She stopped herself, breathing deeply. She needed to calm herself in order to avoid getting caught.

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