Chapter 10: Il Minjoon

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It was a big day.

Maids were racing through the halls, loud shouts along with endless chatters filling through the gates. Countless people walking through a red carpet, into a large hall full of colors. Filled to the brim with grandiose decorations, lined with sumptuous cuisine. Luxurious robes with striking hues were worn by various figures, representing their stature and wealth.

It was a big day indeed.

On the middle of the hall sat 3 thrones. The highest being in the middle with the remaining two by each of its sides. The moment the guests enter, they would recognize the familiar golden patterns engraved in each seat, symbolizing royalty.

Once everyone is settled, the drums sounded. Deep and powerful rhythms stir the crowd. They knew this beat. The Emperor is coming.

The huge heavy doors were once again opened. Then a man with bright silvery hair wearing a golden robe advanced forward. His arms were at his back, his steps firm and precise. His gaze at his front, not looking at the side nor at the back. From the side, his eyes were firm, implacable. He walked with indifference, every step weighed with authority. The very epitome of power.

Daehyun, the emperor stopped in front of his throne. Looking at it with complexity, his lips in a slight frown. Averting his gaze, he turned to his front. Countless guests stared at him as he sat in his throne. A servant shuffles on his side with his head bowed.

"Your majesty, the empress and the crown prince are already close to the manor."

Daehyun leaned back on his seat, still peering at the door he answered.

"Escort them safely, and prepare to start."

The servant bowed and left, leaving Daehyun alone at the platform. He closed his eyes, praying silently.

It was, after all, Minjoon's 5th birthday. His first celebration, acknowledging his position as crown prince. In this very crucial occasion, no errors were allowed.

Outside of the gate, a child with his mother stood hand in hand.

The child's expression was steady, in contrast to his slightly shaking hands.

Hae Gi grasped his hands tightly, her brows furrowed. Not taking it any longer, she knelt in front of Minjoon clutching both his hands.

Her round blue eyes bore at Minjoon's own cerulean eyes. Her gaze looked troubled, although she smiled seeming to comfort him.

Hae Gi pinched his cheeks, making Minjoon frown. A heartfelt laugh followed afterward.

"Minjoon, It's your birthday today."

Minjoon's ears sharpened, hearing his own name he leaned forward.

Hae Gi held Minjoon's shoulders steadily, her lips turning into a tightlipped smile.

"You will meet lots of people."

Hae Gi looked at Minjoon with soulful eyes, staring, striking deep.

"Some are nice and some are bad."

"They will tell you words you'd like to hear the most. Heartfelt greetings and compliments. And of course, you should express your gratitude."

Hae Gi took a deep breath.

"But use your words wisely, and with caution."

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