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Hi, y'all!

Before we get to the free stuff, it's time to announce the cover contest winner. Congratulations to Lot Aznar! Your submission will be the official cover of Bound. Check it out; it's just perfect for the book: http://summer-nawaz.awesomeauthors.org/index.php/poll/

Some entries were from my publisher's graphic artists, but your submissions were just as good, if not better! I'm so impressed, you guys. Thank you so much for joining and taking part!

Because you've been really helping me out in this launching process, you deserve a gift from me. As I've mentioned before, we're giving away bonus books!

The Triage boys are nominated for multiple awards. Kelsey and Cooper walk on their first red carpet together. In the midst of celebrities and flashing lights, will Kelsey get through the night without tripping over herself or any other mishap?

[Of course, just as a side note, y'all are aware that the names for the 1D boys had to be changed for the book. So "One Direction" is actually "Triage" and Harry Styles = Cooper Shaw.]

You can get it on Amazon for FREE until November 17. After this week, it will still be available in the said platform for a good price. Go get your copy, though, while it's still free!

The link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KDW7RTP/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=blvnpinc-20&linkId=d6c0fd865816cd9cdbb7930ad8a04818&language=en_US
UPDATE: I've posted the link on my message board, since I saw some of you commenting that it wasn't working! If you're having trouble with any other links, please let me know! You may not be able to copy the link on mobile, but I think if you copy it on desktop and press CTRL + C it should copy and let you paste it!

I know some of you might read this at a later date and would still like this freebie. Don't worry; I got you! You can still get it after November 17 if you sign up on my website: http://summer-nawaz.awesomeauthors.org/

We have other goodies in there as well, so come join us in the dark side; we have more than just cookies. ;-)

I'll see y'all in the next post, my lovely sunflowers! Make sure to snag a free bonus chapter while you can!

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I'll see y'all in the next post, my lovely sunflowers! Make sure to snag a free bonus chapter while you can!

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