Kelsey's POV:

I looked down at the silver diamond engagement ring on the ring finger of my left hand. It was a simple ring, a diamond in the center with tiny diamonds in the band of the ring. Along with it was my actual wedding band, plain and silver and simple. Apparently I needed to wear both of these rings, to make the marriage look more official, as to say. Harry and I had signed the papers, so now we were legally and officially married. A married couple.

It was weird, the thought of being married. When I was little, I had always imagined my marriage to be something amazing. When my dad had passed away, my biggest concern was who was going to walk me down the aisle. Can you believe that? I was worried about that more than I was worried about who I was going to be marrying. But now I guess it didn't really matter anymore, I sigh, as I look at the two rings.

There was no wedding, I didn't see the point of it. A wedding is something you would want to remember forever and for me, that wasn't the case. As far as I'm concerned, I wasn't marrying a guy that I loved. I was marrying someone I have never met before. It was bullshit, to say the least, but I had to do this for my mother. It's what she wants.

A sigh escaped my lips as I grabbed my phone and went on Twitter, scrolling through my time line until something caught my eye, making them grow wide in astonishment. I had gone from two hundred something followers to over seven thousand! How in the world does that happen? And when I clicked my mention, I saw they were filled up with questions from people I didn't even know.

"They're from the fans." A deep voice causes me to jump, startled, as I look up to see Harry sitting down on the love seat across from me. "Guess they found your Twitter."

"Guess so," I mumble, locking my phone and putting on the couch next to me. "By the way, what did you tell your fans? About us? Didn't they question on how I've never been mentioned before? And all of a sudden you're married to me?"

"Yeah, about that," Harry spoke slowly, sitting up properly. "I had to tell them that we have been secretly seeing each other for a couple of years. We just kept it extremely low in profile, and you were disguised whenever you came to 'visit' us on shows or whatever."

My eyebrows shot up. "And they believed you?" Bullshit explanation, but I'm surprised if they bought it.

"We were very convincing," Harry shrugs with a proud grin.

I roll my blue eyes. "Why'd you agree to this, anyway?" I ask him, leaning back on the couch as I narrow my eyes at him, asking the question I had been wondering about the most. "Why in the world did you agree on marrying me?"

"It's not like I had a choice," he replies in a gruff tone, crossing his arms over his chest. "My mum basically forced me into this - saying how it'd make her best friend happy. I couldn't say no, knowing what was happening to your mum." I gave him a small smile at that, but it quickly disappeared on the account of his next few words. "Plus, it helps that you're extremely hot."

I scoff. "Pig," I say, standing up.

"Not a very nice thing to say to your husband," Harry smirks, standing up as well.

I flinched at that word, hating the way it rolled off his tongue. I glared up at him, my icy blue eyes boring into his bright green ones. "Seven billion people in the world, and I'm stuck being married to you," I seethe. I already hate this kid.

Harry's jaw clenched as he looked down at me. "No need to be a bitch, Mrs. Styles."

"Call me that one more time, and I'll punch you in the gut," I snap at him. "I have a black belt in taekowndo, and I'll put it in some good use."

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