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I actually really like this chapter so..


Kelsey’s POV:

            The hotel was quite nice, actually. The boys had a concert here in Glasgow, Scotland tomorrow night and there were a total of four hotel rooms – well, suites, actually. In one suite was the boys and I, the other was the band, then Five Seconds of Summer, and then everyone else. We would all be sharing a room, and of course, I was sharing a room with Harry.

            Exiting the room after putting my bag down, I noticed four more boys with the general bunch. I easily recognized them as the other band that was touring with us and I sat down on the couch next to Liam. Niall, Ashton, Luke, and Louis were playing video games while the others relaxed. Sitting on the couch, I went on my phone and went on Twitter. What shocked me was that I had gone from a few six hundred followers to over two-hundred thousand. My eyes widened at that, and I created a new tweet.

@Kelsey_Ross: In Scotland with 1D. Such a beautiful place :D

            Immediately, I got several interactions. People whom I’ve never talked to before blew up my mentions as they asked for a follow or said awfully rude things. I ignored those, however, and just scrolled through my timeline. I went on my profile, and my eyes landed on my picture. It was taken last year; my hair pin straight and I was halfway turned towards the camera, though smiling at something else with my teeth in full view. I looked genuinely happy; and that annoyed me.

            Exiting out of it, I put my phone down and bit my lip as I looked up at the ceiling. Suddenly, my stomach grumbled and I felt everyone’s eyes on me, and my cheeks flushed a deep shade of red. Oh God, how embarrassing!

            “Hungry?” Harry asks with a slight smirk as the others chuckle.

            I bite my bottom lip hard, trying to keep my blush down. “Uhm…”

            Harry chuckles and stands up. “Come on, let’s go grab some lunch,” he says. “I’m hungry myself.”

            I nod, running a hand through my hair as I stand up. Harry and I walked out of the hotel room and I let out a groan as we walked down the hallway. “That was unbelievably embarrassing,” I mutter.

            Harry drapes an arm around my shoulder as he rubs my upper arm. “Don’t worry about it,” he says. “Those idiots don’t really care. They like a girl who can eat.”

            For some reason, I blushed at our sudden contact which worried me. Instead, I just ignored the blush as Harry and I reached the lobby. Harry’s security guard was already waiting for us and he ushered us towards the car that the boys had rented. Thankfully, not a lot of fans were here but since there were a few, Harry stopped for pictures and autographs as I waited in the car.

            When he came in, we set off to grab some lunch. Harry drove us to some Scottish restaurant that I couldn’t pronounce the name of. We were immediately seated and people where whispering as they discreetly pointed to Harry. But since Harry ignored them, I did as well and we both ordered our food.

            As we waited for it, I ask Harry, “How’d you find this place?”

            “The last time we came to Scotland, the lads and I found this place,” he tells me with a slight smile. “Their food is amazing; you’re gonna be blown away.”

            I chuckle and nod as our food soon enough comes again. I had ordered the same thing as Harry, that had something to do with fish and when I took a bite of it, I let out a groan of satisfaction. “This is delicious,” I say, looking at Harry as I swallow it.

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