Sorry this is so short. my right wrist is bruised because the bus driver accidently closed the door and my wrist got caught in between the metal parts of the door. so yeah, it hurts like a b i t c h


Kelsey's POV:

The crisp, cold air that surrounded me as I stepped out of Heathrow Airport in London forced me to wrap my arms around myself, despite the fact that I'm already wearing a jacket. I wasn't used to the cold weather that London contains, since it was always so hot in Florida. The flight was long, and I slept through most of it. I'm thinking jet lag is going to be paying me a visit pretty soon.

Harry and I weaved our way through the airport, keeping our heads down so Harry didn't get recognized. Out front was a car waiting for us, and after all of our bags were loaded into the trunk of the car, we got in and the driver drove us to wherever we were to go.

My forehead rested against the cool glass of the window as the car drove, Harry sitting next to me. The car was pure silence, the only sound of the cars from outside. It was about eight in the evening, from what Harry had told me earlier, so it was a bit dark out.

A few minutes later, the car came to a stop and I looked to see that we were in front of what looked like a giant apartment building. "Come on," Harry spoke quietly, unstrapping himself from his seatbelt.

I followed his lead, doing the same and then stepping out of the car. The driver gets our bags, along with some guy that walks up to us. "Let's go inside," Harry says to me.

I nod and follow him inside. Harry and I step into the elevator, with him pressing a button and the doors sliding close. The elevator starts moving up, and a minute later, it stops and the doors slide open. Stepping out of them, Harry and I walk down the hall and stop in front of a door.

He fumbles his hands in his pockets until he pulls out a key, jamming it into the key whole and opening the door. Just when he opened the door, loud shouts were heard. "WELCOME HOME!"

I jumped a bit, startled at the sudden noise that killed the silence that was previously present. My eyes trailed over as I saw four boys grinning widely along with two girls who stood by them. I recognized the four boys as the other members of One Direction, but I don't know who the girls were.

"Harold, you're back!" the boy with blue eyes and brown hair, Louis I think, exclaims as he hugs Harry.

I chuckle slightly as Harry was caught off gaurd, but hugged back Louis anyway. "Good to see you too, Louis," he says.

As the rest of them greeted Harry, everyone's attention turned towards me and I fidgeted uncomfortably in my spot. "Erm, guys, this is Kelsey," Harry introduces. "My, uh..."

"Wife," one of the girl finishes off with a smile. She had long, light brown hair, hazel colored eyes, and a delicately shaped face. "It's so nice to meet you, Kelsey. I'm Eleanor, Louis's girlfriend."

"And I'm Danielle, Liam's girlfriend," the other girl grins. She had dark chocolate brown eyes and a curly mess of dark hair, but it looked good on her. Both of the girls were gorgeous, and I felt so inferior towards them.

"Nice to meet you," I offer them a small smile.

"Come on, Kelsey," Harry speaks up. "I'll show you to your room."


Harry's POV:

I went back downstairs to where my friends were, and I saw them all lounging in the living room. "Hey, guys," I say as I sit down next to Eleanor.

"Hey," Niall says. "Where's Kelsey?"

"She's sleeping," I say. "The jet lag caught up to her and she needed rest."

Liam nods. "That's good," he says. "She should rest, after everything's she's been through."

I sigh. "I know."

"You need to be extra careful with her, Harry," Danielle speaks up and I look at her, only to see her looking down at her rings as she played with them. "Not only did her mum pass away, but she's had to move on all too quickly. Here she is, in a country she's never been to, married to you - a guy she's never even met. She's going to be introduced to your world, something that she won't get used to soon enough. You need to help her with this transition."

"Dani's right," Zayn adds. "As her husband, you've gotta make sure you make everything easy for her - at least for now. She's gonna have to get used to your life style, and the death of her mother. It won't be easy."

Eleanor rubs my shoulder as I sigh. "All you have to do is be patient."

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