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The drawing on the side is credited to whoever drew it! I just found it on Google and used it for the chapter - it is NOT mine.


Kelsey’s POV:

Harry pressed me up against the wall, his lips hungrily attacking mine into a fierce kiss. His body weighed against mine, hands roaming my body while tongue exploring my mouth. Both of his index fingers were hooked in a belt loop of my shorts, pulling my lower half closer to his own as our lips moved in sync. A throaty groan escaped his mouth as I bit his lower lip lightly, causing me to slightly smirk.

We were panting against each other’s mouths, not really caring. My hands were buried deep in his dark colored hair, our eyes shut as we kissed each other feverishly. Harry’s hands went from my belt loops and moved up a bit, shifting up my shirt. His hands came in contact with my skin, making it burn at the sudden contact, which I found extremely pleasuring.

My own hands went down from his hair to his chest, where I played with buttons of his shirt. One by one, slowly, I started unbuttoning his shirt, feeling his bare chest as I worked my way down. Harry kept his own hands busy as he slid them up the side of my body towards the back, until his fingers met the bra strap. With a flick of his fingers, he clicked it open and it fell to the ground, though I still had on my shirt.

Harry’s hands then went down and rested at the back of my thighs, and I jumped and wrapped my legs around his hips as he held me. As I finally opened all of the buttons of his shirt, he shrugged it off and carried us towards where the bed was. He fell forwards and my back came in contact with the bed as Harry’s lips found mine once again.

He detached himself from my lips and worked his way down, kissing me right under my chin and straight down my throat, until he met my collarbones. Harry kissed right across there, finding my soft spot finally where my neck and shoulder met as he bit down on it slightly. As he did that, I felt one of his hands undoing the button on my shorts and pulling down the zipper, and he slowly pulls down my shorts...

I woke up with a gasp, my eyes widening as I sit up. My palm presses against my forehead as I calm myself down, trying to even my breathing. What the hell was that? Was I seriously dreaming about Harry and I? My mouth suddenly feels dry from all the panting I was doing, and I turned my head to see that Harry was gone.

The boys were done with their second concert in Jones Beach, and then they have a concert at the Izod Center in New Jersey. For once, I was glad Harry wasn’t next to me when I woke up because right now, I was a mess. I’ve never dreamt about anything like that, ever. So seeing that dream kind of just freaked me out a bit.

I sighed, standing up from the bed. Grabbing some clothes, I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. After a ten minute shower, at the most, I stepped out and dried myself before putting on a pair of yellow cropped pants and a red silk top from Forever 21. Using the hair dryer the hotel provided, I dried my hair that was thankfully growing. After at, I just put on some eyeliner and lip balm and deemed myself ready for the day.

Not knowing where the boys were, I checked Twitter to see if I could find out anything. Not surprisingly, I did, learning that the boys were currently at a photo shoot. Since I wasn’t in e mood for breakfast, I used the coffee maker in the room and made myself some, sitting on the bed as I waited for it to be finished. When it was, I started drinking it and turned on the TV, hoping a good show was on.

After I’m done drinking it, I throw the plastic cup away and grab my phone. I mindlessly scroll through Twitter, since I have nothing better to do. Though that was soon stopped when a call from Harry interrupted me from my tweeting. “Hello?” I ask, answering the call.

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