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Kelsey's POV:

"Hurry up, Kelsey! They're gonna be here soon!" Mom exclaims from the living room, her voice ringing out through the house.

"Mom, just relax, alright?" I tell her as I come into her view, shaking my head at her antics. "Don't exert yourself out too much, okay?"

"Yes, yes, I know," she responds, sitting on the couch with a tired sigh I had unfortunately grown used to. "But they are almost here and we need to make sure everything's ready."

I roll my eyes, tucking a strand of my short blonde hair behind my ear. Today was the day when sir Harry Styles himself was coming to our house along with his family. The guy finally got some free time out of his boyband expeditions and now is coming to our house with his family to, well, meet the bride. It has been two and a half weeks since Mom told me about her cancer and about this marriage, and we're finally seeing the groom and his family. But above all else, she was growing weaker and it was so visible.
Her skin was growing paler by the day and she wouldn't stop coughing. She refused to stay in the hospital, knowing that it wouldn't stop her cancer from growing any harsher than it already was--much to my protests.

When Mom told me that the guy in fact was Harry Styles, I didn't believe her at first. But then she told how she is best friends with his mother, with them going to the same college back in the day. Which is unbelievable, since she never mentioned him before even though she was aware of how big One Direction was. But the family is flying down here to Miami, Florida to meet us, and I was beginning to realize how real all of this was.

As we waited for the Styles to arrive, I was on the phone with my best friend, Logan, as I fixed up the kitchen. "This guy better be worth this whole shit," he spoke through the phone. "I don't want my best friend getting married to a total dick."

I chuckle, shaking my head. Logan was always protective over me, but that's what made him such a good friend. The two of us have been friends for over twelve years, joined at the hip. Sometimes I feel like he likes me more than just a friend, but I like to think that he doesn't. It's so much more simpler that way, especially since I don't return his feelings. I would never admit this to him, until he acted upon it, but for now, Logan was just my best friend.

"We'll see about that, Logan," I tell him, resting my iPhone in between my right shoulder and cheek as I take two glasses from the dishwasher and put them inside the cabinet.

"So you're seriously going through with this?" he asks, and I can tell that he's raising his dark brown eyebrows.

"I have to," I sigh, reaching my right hand up to hold my phone properly. "My mom's dying, Logan," I add in a hushed whisper. "It's what she wants me to do, and I have to." I purse my lips, leaning against the counter. "It's not like I want to; this whole thing can blow up in our face--you see online how harsh his fans are! They'll eat me alive." I pause for a moment, before sighing for the nth time. "But I'll do it--for my mom, I will."

Logan stays silent for a moment, his breathing being the only thing I can hear as I ponders my words. "I guess you're right," he finally speaks.

Suddenly, the bell rang and I stood up straighter, eyes widening. "Shit, Logan, they're here. I'll call you later!"

"Tell me how it goes," Logan says before I hang up.

As I make my ways towards the door, I stop for a second to look at myself in the hallway mirror. I was wearing white skinny jeans, a dark blue yet plain V-neck, and a pair of my homey UGG slippers.

As I run towards the door, I see my mom standing up and I stopped. "Mom, sit down, I'm getting it," I tell her sternly. She sighs and sits back down without a fight, and I straighten my hair before I gripped the door knob and opened it.

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