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It's Friday do you hear the angel's singing omg

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Kelsey’s POV:

          “I like how this is right next to the water,” I comment as I stand on the floor section of the arena, looking to the side where there’s a huge body of water that surrounds the stage itself, except for the front. Fans were here, who had sound check passes, and were standing in front of the stage as they watched the boys perform.

          “Me too,” Paul says from next to me, crossing his arms over his chest as he looks at the stage, where the boys are running through some songs. “If they ever act up, I can just throw them in the water.”

          I burst into laughter at Paul’s comment, shaking my head. “You dream of doing that, don’t you, Paul?” I ask with a snicker.

          He huffs, shaking his head. “They’re a pain in the arse to deal with, I tell you.”

          “Somehow I don’t find that hard to believe,” I reply with a knowing smile as Niall and Harry start doing some weird dance move as they sing the chorus of Rock Me. Idiots.

          In the middle of the boys’ sound check, I got up and walked towards the entrance of the venue where other fans were standing, looking through the wholes of the gates as they tried to look at the boys. Swiftly, I ducked out of sight as I walked through the tour buses, approaching the gates until I saw two security guards talking to two girls.

          They looked younger than me, about fifteen and ten years of age. I stood quietly off in the side as I watched the younger girl clutch on to the older girl’s leg, as the fifteen year old girl talked urgently to the guard, who didn’t look amused. The girl had tears in her eyes as one of the guards shook their head, and I could faintly hear what she was saying.

          “That’s not fair!”

          The younger girl just clutched on to the girl’s leg, looking confused and I realized they were sisters; both had honey colored blonde hair and green eyes, though the older girl’s eyes were rimmed red because she was crying.

          Biting my bottom lip for a second, I walked out and towards them, frowning at the guards. “What’s going on here?” I asked.

          The girls looked at me, and the older one’s eyes widened, and I guess she recognized me. “These girls claimed that they’ve lost their sound check passes,” one of the guards says. “And we can’t let them in here without passes.”

          “Please,” the girl croaks. “I’m telling you, someone took them from us! We were waiting in line and I had the passes in my bag! But when I got to the front, my bag was unzipped and the tickets were gone.”

          I checked my watch, and realized there was still about half an hour more for the sound check, so I looked at the girls and said, “You two wait here, alright? I’ll be right back.”

          They vigorously nod as I turn on my heel and jog back to where Paul was, who looked at me with raised eyebrows. “Everything okay?” he asks.

          I sighed. “There are two girls outside with the guards,” I begin, “and someone stole their sound check passes. I know they’re not lying, because I can easily tell if someone’s a liar and one of the girls is literally sobbing out there, Paul. Is there anything you could do?”

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