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short chapter cos the PSATs exhausted me today and the henna on my hands is annoying me. Dedication to @JennyNava for the beautiful new cover!


Kelsey’s POV:

          “Where is she? Where is she? Where is she?” Harry repeatedly asks, bouncing on the balls of his feet as he stared out the window of the house.

          “Calm down,” I laugh at his composure, “she’ll be here soon.”

          The two of us were currently waiting at the house for Gemma’s arrival; Anne and Robin had gone to pick her up while Harry and I came to the house from the bungalow. Harry was extremely excited to see his older sister again, and I don’t blame him. He hadn’t seen her ever since the last time his mother and sister visited us back in London, so it was only natural for him to be so excited.

          Harry impatiently groaned as he checked his watch, just in time for a car to pull up in the driveway. “Look, they’re here,” I tell him, causing his head to snap up towards the window.

          I laughed loudly as Harry let out a sort of yelp before running towards the door, letting the cold Holmes Chapel breeze enter the house as I hugged myself, walking towards the door. I couldn’t help but smile as I leaned against the door, watching Harry giddily wait as the car door opened and out stepped his blond old sister.

          Restraining myself from saying aw, I watched as Harry wrapped his older sister in a hug, the sound of Gemma’s laugh immediately reaching my ears as she hugged her taller little brother back. Anne and Robin got out of the car, getting Gemma’s things as Harry brought her towards the house.

          When Gemma saw me, her eyes lit up and she ran over to me, giving me a big hug. “It’s so good to see you again, Kelsey!” she exclaims with a big smile as we pull away. “Geez, it’s been a couple of months too long.”

          “I agree,” I laugh, stepping aside so they all could walk inside.

          Once Robin sets Gemma’s stuff down, we all retreat into the living room as Anne goes into the kitchen to put some water in the kettle for tea for Gemma as she runs into the bathroom quickly. As Harry walks into the kitchen, my phone rings and I stop in the middle of the hall to answer it, seeing that it was Logan.

          “Hey, Logan,” I smile as I answer the call. “What’s up?”

          “Kelsey, hi,” Logan exclaims, “nothing much, I was just bored and thought of calling you. How are you?”

          “I’m good,” I smile, “I’m at Holmes Chapel with Harry, visiting his family.”

          “Oh, so I wanted to tell you something,” Logan suddenly says, and my eyebrows rise up.


          “I kind of, sort of, maybe have a girlfriend.”

          My eyes widen at the news, jaw slacking as a giddy smile graces my lips. “Oh, my God, really?” I ask, feeling excited for my best friend. “Who is she? What’s her name? Do I know her?”

          Logan laughs at my questioning, telling me to calm down before he answers my questions. “Yes, you do know her,” he says, “remember Rachel Forest from third grade? She moved out of state in, like, the seventh grade?”

          I wracked my brain, the name ringing bells, until I let out an ‘oh!’ “Yeah, I remember her,” I say, “you’re dating her?”

          “Yeah,” Logan says, “she moved back a week ago and we went on three dates before I asked her to be my girlfriend. Obviously, she said yes.”

          I let out a chuckle, switching my phone from my right hand to my left. “Well, I’m happy for you, buddy,” I grin. I was about to say more, but the bathroom door opened and out stepped Gemma, giving me a smile.

          “Hey, Kels,” she smiles, dimples and all, “who’re you talking to?”

          “My friend, Logan,” I tell her with a smile.

          “Who now has to go,” Logan chuckles, hearing my conversation with Gemma. “It’s getting late here. I’ll talk to you later, Kels.”

          I smile, glad to finally be able to talk to my best friend. “See you later, Logan.”


          Our stay in Cheshire had elongated, neither Harry nor I wanting to leave. The town was just so cozy and homey, making the two of us reluctant to leave. And much to everyone’s delight, we decided to lengthen our stay, causing Anne to cheer excessively – which was adorable, may I add.

          But as I stepped out of the bathroom, freshly showered as I dressed in black yoga pants, an extra large sweatshirt and my hair in a wet bun, I looked at Harry who ended the phone call he was just on, dropping his iPhone on the bed as he let out a quiet groan.

          “What’s wrong?” I furrow my eyebrows, walking over to him.

          “I forgot Paul had booked me for a radio interview a couple of weeks ago,” Harry sighs, “it’s tomorrow and if I wanna make it, I gotta get back to London.”

          I cock my head to the side in confusion. “Wait, why is it just you and not the rest of the boys?”

          “Management’s got us doing separate interviews, since we’re practically all over the place right now,” Harry replies, “Niall’s in Ireland, Zayn’s somewhere in America with Perrie, Louis and Eleanor are in Spain, and Liam’s probably in Wolverhampton. But we each have different radio interviews to go to, to get people excited for the third album and stuff.”

          “So, what, we’re leaving?” I ask just as my eyes catch sight of Harry’s bag sitting on the floor, right next to the bed and I look back at him just in time to see him shaking his head.

          “No, I’m leaving,” he says, and I look at him in confusion. “It’ll take only, like, two days. I’ll be back day after tomorrow night.”

          My eyes widen, staring at him in alarm. “Whoa, wait, you want me to stay with your family alone?”

          Harry chuckles, kissing my forehead as his green eyes lock with my blue ones. “You’ll be perfectly fine, Kelsey. My family loves you. Plus, you’ll have Gemma to keep you company.”

          “Yeah, but –”

          “No buts,” Harry cuts me off, placing a chaste kiss on my lips. “I’ll be back before you know it.”

          I pout, my bottom lip popping out as Harry chuckles, kissing me deeper and harder. “I’ll be back soon,” he smiles down at me, his dimples popping. “I love you.”

          I sigh, kissing him one last time before smiling back at him. “I love you, too.”

          Harry grins before stepping away, picking up his bags and draping his coat over his arm. Giving me a kiss on the forehead, Harry walks out of the room, leaving me standing alone in Harry’s childhood bedroom. Looks like I’m with the Styles/Twists for the next two days without Harry. 

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