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Irresistible (A Harry Styles Fanfiction) by ccalianese
Irresistible (A Harry Styles Fanfi...by Catherine B. C.
"And your eyes... irresistible." Starting your life over is hard enough on your own. But what happens when the world is suddenly watching when you become linke...
  • harrystylesfanfiction
  • harry
  • fanficromance
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The prom that started everything~bughead by iluvreadingalot
The prom that started everything~b...by iluvreadingalot
My love story that started at prom. Bughead
  • fanficromance
  • complicated
  • bughead
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I Don't Want To Live Forever ::Shawn Mendes by nakrobin
I Don't Want To Live Forever ::Sha...by Nak.
Maybe I don't want to be your shadow. Maybe I don't want to be your perfect daughter. Maybe just maybe I don't want to be involved in your "perfect life" anymo...
  • wattys2017
  • different
  • fanfiction
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Starting over by someewriter
Starting overby dreamer
Alexa had her life planned by her parents since she was a kid. But now, as a senior, she decides to follow her heart. Gladly for Alexa, her heart is in another continent...
  • teenromance
  • romancefanfiction
  • runaway
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It Started With Christmas [A Miraculous Fanfic] COMPLETED by Galaxy_Wolf294
It Started With Christmas [A Mirac...by ~GalaxyWolf~&~GrayGalaxy~
"H-hey Adrien? I have something to tell you, I-I like you and it isn't because of your last name and looks. Okay maybe a few looks but, it's because of your perso...
  • fanficromance
  • marionette
  • gayfiction
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All I See is You | Peter Parker x OC by YAbookFan101
All I See is You | Peter Parker x...by YAbookFan101
Annie lives a normal life. Aside from one thing... she has superpowers. And the only one who knows is her twin sister, Cass. Everything is under control until this Spide...
  • hollanders
  • wintersoldier
  • cacivilwar
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You're Annoying  by jennyqt3
You're Annoying by jennyqt3
Kang Jessi is a foreign exchanged student from Australia that moves to Korea and now lives with her father. She attends a Korean school and is partnered up with one of t...
  • kpop
  • koreanfanfic
  • fanfiction
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Letters to Hae by DongHaestolemytshirt
Letters to Haeby Tee
Rachel was new to Super Junior but it didn't stop her from writing letters each month to her favourite, Lee Dong Hae. Unbeknown to her, Dong Hae was starting to fall for...
  • fanfiction
  • passion
  • letterstohae
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Meeting him~❤️ by iigazerybowerii
Meeting him~❤️by iigazerybowerii
A young adult needing a job as a editor. However someone you know asks you to work with them. {has some smut}
  • crankgameplays
  • fancic
  • fanficromance
My BULLY bought ME? (Taehyung × reader) by Lindseykim3013
My BULLY bought ME? (Taehyung × re...by Princess Lindsey
Everyone has a darkpast I admit. Before I reach this life I've wanted I had faced many problems. My school life: Ahhh being bullied everyday? I am tired Kim Taehyung yes...
  • jin
  • fanficromance
  • fangirl
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Fanfics by Starlit-Stories
Fanficsby Caffeine and Constellations
Just a dump of the fanfics that I write. It's easier than having them scattered all over my page. They're all from literally anything, so... yeah. Welcome my fellow nerd...
  • cartoon
  • fanfics
  • lgbtq
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Locked Beauty  by A_Fan_With_Dreams
Locked Beauty by Kris carroline
Here is my first fanfic ever! A girl called Niko has an unbearable, heart aching past which still haunts her. After her rebellious and sadistic behaviour she gets moved...
  • romance
  • upsetting
  • heartbroken
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A Single Tear ♡// taehyung x reader // lovelyjeonguk by lovelyjeonguk
A Single Tear ♡// taehyung x reade...by lovelyjeonguk
"who are you?" "do you seriously still not know?" "know what?" "it's me."
  • fanfiction
  • btsarmy
  • xreader
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Best Friends (Golden Freddy x Fem. Reader) by Johny0123
Best Friends (Golden Freddy x Fem...by Johny0123
Hi! Thanks to my dumbness, I became obsessed with FNAF x Reader ;v;. I'm not gonna regret it tho >:). So this one is kinda like the normal fanfics you see. This is in...
  • goldenfreddy
  • romance
  • fanficromance
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My Instagram Band Fanfics 🔪 by LxttleVampxre
My Instagram Band Fanfics 🔪by Knife Queen 🔪
Just read the title :) Instagram: @dxsasterpxece
  • numetal
  • fanfiction
  • instagram
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Lost & Found by ImperfectlyEvelyn
Lost & Foundby 🧁Evelyn🧁
She was just a normal girl. He was just a normal guy. But to her, he was the best thing in the world even if she only knew him through a screen.
  • pax
  • fanficromance
  • teenfiction
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My Deaf Lady by meiahyunah
My Deaf Ladyby meiahyunah
Fanfiction about a love story between a deaf lady and a healthy man! Wait for surprises 😃
  • romance
  • fangirl
  • love
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Colors||j.jk✔️ by ARMY_Tae-Tae
Colors||j.jk✔️by 𝓙𝓪𝓶eena.Kim(ia)
"I wish I could see the colors" In which two highschool students from different schools met at a bus stop Published/Started: 5/17/18 ended: 6/30/18 ||The plot...
  • wattys2018
  • shortstory
  • completed
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