This took me forever to write and finish up omg i don't know why.

why is Harry going to so many fashion shows

I was in lunch when I saw pics of him on twitter and almost screamed in the middle of the cafeteria.

my entire tumblr rn is basically all harry from fashion shows

like can he not

he makes me weak


Kelsey’s POV:

          “Kelsey! It’s so great to see you again,” Anne exclaims as she wraps me in a hug, which I return.

          “You too, Anne,” I smile, and then turn to face the blonde girl next to her. “Gemma, oh my gosh, I love what you’ve done to your hair,” I say, realizing how it used to be the similar color to Anne’s hair before.

          “Thanks,” she grins, before pulling me in for a hug. “It’s lovely to see you again.”

          “Come on in, you two,” I say, opening the door wider and letting them step inside.

          Anne looks around the place, a gasp emitting from her lips. “Oh, my,” she says. “This place is unbelievable.”

          “All thanks to your son,” I tell her with a smile.

          “Speaking of which,” the familiar male voice spoke, “Kelsey gets a hug and I don’t?”

          We turn to see Harry coming down the stairs with a fake pout on his lips as Anne scoffed. “Come here, you baby,” she says before pulling her son in a hug.

          I smiled at the gesture as Harry’s hands wrapped around his mother’s short body before they pulled away and Gemma pulled him in for a hug. “I have to say,” she says as the two siblings pull away, “you did a fantastic job in buying this place, Haz. It’s brilliant.”

          “Thank you,” Harry grins. “I try.”  

          I chuckle as I turn to the two ladies. “Do you want to drink anything? Water, tea?”

          “Tea would be lovely,” Anne smiles and I nod.

          Harry leads them into the living room and I head off to the kitchen, putting the tea kettle full of water on the stove. As I wait for it to boil, I walk into the living room where Gemma and Anne are seated on the purple couch and Harry is on the smaller one.

          I walk in as I sit on the right arm rest of Harry’s seat, my hands on my lap as Anne speaks up. “So what have you two been up to lately?”

          “Nothing much,” Harry says, glancing up at me. “We just chill, you know, since it’s our time off.”

          “What about you, Kels?” Gemma asks me.

          “I got a job at the mall, so I keep myself busy with that,” I tell her. Soon enough, I hear the tea kettle’s whistle, and I stand up. “Tea’s done.”

          I walk into the kitchen and take out four mugs. I then pour the water in the mugs, putting a tea bag in each of them, and put them all in a tray. Walking back into the kitchen, I stop in front of Gemma and Anne and they pick up their own mugs.

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