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Kelsey's POV:

The next morning when I woke up, I was confused as I looked at my surroundings. This wasn't my bed and this wasn't my room. I thought this over in a slight panic until reality sunk in - I was in London, in Harry's apartment, in his bedroom. Though my eyebrows furrowed as I looked around, seeing no sign of Harry. The two pillows from next to me were missing, and that made me even more confused.

Still in my night shorts and V-neck, I got out of bed and walked out of the room and down the stairs. As I did, my eyes wandered into the living room where I saw Harry's sleeping figure on the sofa-bed, soft snores escaping him. I bit my bottom lip. He didn't have to sleep on the couch - it doesn't even look that comfortable. So why did he?

I let out a sigh, entering the kitchen. I wasn't in the mood for tea, and when I looked at the time, I saw that it read 6:08. In the freaking morning. I let out another sigh, annoyed at the stupid jet lag as I got myself some cereal. As I ate the cereal quietly--Lucky Charms, it seemed--in the kitchen, someone walked in and I looked up to see a sleepy Harry. He was shirtless, dressed only in pajama pants as he scratched the back of his neck.

No matter how hard it was, I tried not to stare too obviously. His body was literally perfect. He had a freakishly toned chest and the tattoos on his chest and arms were pretty attractive. I always had a thing for tattoos, and Harry took it to a whole other level. The little trail of hair from his belly button curled down and disappeared into his pajama pants, leaving enough for the imagination.

"Good morning." Dear God even his morning voice was perfect; deep and husky.
Wasn't I supposed to be, well, hating him?

"Morning," I reply, taking another bite of my cereal. As I watch Harry walk across the kitchen and turn the water faucet on and put the tea kettle under it, I ask him, "Why'd you sleep on the couch?"

Harry turned the faucet off and turned to face me, shrugging. "I figured that you'd want to sleep by yourself, I guess, so I took the couch."

"You didn't have to do that," I tell him as I finish my cereal, standing up and walking towards the sink. "It's your room and your bed - you should be able to sleep there as well."

Harry bit his lip and nodded, before putting the tea kettle on the stove and I washed my dirty bowl and spoon. "How'd you sleep?" he asks me.

"Alright, I guess," I shrug. "That is until the damn jet lag woke me up so early," I chuckle lightly and Harry cracks a smile. "What are you doing up?"

Harry sighs. "I have to go to the studio early at eight. By then I'll be up, get some breakfast, take a shower, and I'll be ready to go."

I nod, putting my wet bowl aside to let it dry. As Harry's tea kettle whistles, Harry pours the hot water in a mug that already had a tea bag in it and he sipped it whilst looking at me. "If you want, I can give you Eleanor and Danielle's numbers and they can come over," Harry says a bit hesitantly, and I look up at him. "You know, so you're not alone in the flat."

I give him a small smile and nod. "Sure, sounds good."


Harry had left over an hour ago to go to the studio, and I was sitting on the white couch in the living room with my phone in my hands. I hadn't called Eleanor and Danielle yet - because honestly, I was nervous. I was also conflicted on whether or not if I should call them. I didn't know the two girls at all, but maybe that's why I should call them. They're Liam and Louis' girlfriends, and I may be spending some time with them anyway. So gaining the courage, I created a new text to Eleanor

To: Eleanor Calder

Hey, Eleanor. It's Kelsey. I'm kind of by myself at the apartment - would you mind if you and Danielle came over?

It surprised me at how quickly the girl responded.

From: Eleanor Calder

Definitely! I'll give Danielle a call and we'll be over in 15 mins! Xx

I smiled at her text. As I waited for the girls to arrive, I made sure I looked decent. I was dressed in jeans and an oversized red sweater, seeing that it was freezing in London as my shoulder length hair just stayed loose. Like Eleanor had said, a knock sounded on the door within fifteen minutes and when I opened it, it revealed the two girls.

"Hey," Danielle smiles as I opened the door wider for them to enter.

"Hi, guys," I smile as I closed the door. "Thanks for coming."

Eleanor gave me a smile. "It's not a problem," she says. "We're glad you decided to call us over."

I led them into the living room and the three of us sat down, and Danielle sparked up a conversation. "So how do you like London so far?"

"Well, I haven't seen much of it," I chuckle. "But looking out the window, the city does really look beautiful."

"It is," Eleanor says. "You should get Harry to take you to Big Ben or Buckingham Palace."

"I've always wanted to go there!" I exclaim wide eyed as the girls grin.

As the three of us talk, we munch on some chips - and as I learned, they call them crisps here in England - and I have to say, I was having a fun time. Eleanor and Danielle were really nice and funny girls, and I got along with them well. "You have to meet Perrie sometime," Danielle smiles. "She's Zayn's girlfriend."

"Perrie as in Perrie Edwards from Little Mix, right?" I ask and they nod. "I absolutely love their band."

The two of them laughed. "Well, she'll be glad to hear that," Eleanor says. "She's going to be in London in a few days - I think she has a break then. The four of us are definitely going to go out."

I smile at that. As we all talk, my phone vibrated and I see that I have a new text.

From: Harry Styles

What are you up to? Are El & Dani there?

For some reason, I felt a smile tugging at the edges of my lips. It was sweet at how Harry genuinely cared. "Ooh, why are you smiling like that?" Eleanor asks and I looked up to see her smirking. "The only time I ever smile like that is when it comes to Louis."

I bite my bottom lip as Danielle's brown eyes widen. "Harry texted you, didn't he?"

"Maybe," I mumble as I quickly text Harry back.

To: Harry Styles

Yeah, they're here. We're just chilling :)

I put my phone away as I look to see Eleanor and Danielle staring at me suspiciously, smirks on their faces as I let out a laugh. "Don't look at me like that!"

Eleanor's smirk disappears as she gives me a genuine smile. "He's a really great guy, Kelsey," she says, and her voice holds all seriousness. "Harry cares about all of his friends and family."

"And with you in his life," Danielle adds knowingly, "he's going to be way more caring than any of us have ever seen him to be."

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