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Kelsey’s POV:

          I fell on my back on the bed, a laugh escaping my mouth as Harry fell right on top of me, though he kept himself up by his forearms on the bed so he wouldn’t crush me. My hands cupped his cheeks as his lips met mine, both of our mouths curling into smiles.

          Harry’s hands were tucked under me, placed on my back as his lips moved with mine in sync as my hands slid up from his face to the top of his head, gripping his hair in my fists.

          Harry hummed against my lips, both our eyes still closed. “I like kissing you,” he whispers, pulling away slightly.

          I open my eyes, only to meet Harry’s bright green ones. His eyes were such a pretty color; I could stare at them all day, really. “Well, thanks,” I chuckle breathily. “I like kissing you too.”    

          Harry’s smile widens, deepening his dimples. Instead of kissing me back on the lips, Harry peppers kisses down my jaw, kissing me on the part where my jaw and neck met as my eyes flutter shut. His touch sent goose bumps to rise in my arms, and his kisses sent a hoard of elephants storming in my stomach.

          Once again, his lips met mine, and he parted them slightly to deepen the kiss. As his hands lay underneath me on the small of my back, against my bare skin, Harry pecked my lips softly before pulling away.

          “I’m gonna miss being able to do this,” his hoarse voice whispers as he brushes his nose with mine.

          I was confused by what he meant at first, but then I remembered. He and the boys were leaving back for tour in a couple of days. Upon remembering this, I ran my hands through his hair slowly, nails lightly grazing his scalp.

          “Don’t remind me,” I let out a small sigh. “I’m going to be all lonely,” I pouted.

          Harry let out a groan as he dipped his head, pressing his face against my collarbones that were exposed because of the camisole I was wearing. I laughed, tilting my head up to look at the ceiling so it wouldn’t be awkward, his curls tickling my neck.

          “You should come with me,” he says, his lips moving on my skin as he spoke.

          “You know I can’t,” I chuckle, my right index finger curling a strand of Harry’s hair around it as my left hand places itself on the back of his neck.

          Harry lifts his head, and I felt him press a kiss under my chin. “A guy can dream,” he says.

          He then switches our position, so his back is against the bed and I’m on top of him. My legs were lying in between his, while his hands were placed on my hips.

          I liked this; I liked staying close to Harry, to just lay in bed with him and kiss him. He was always keen on cuddling, and that was one of the main things I really liked about him. Whenever his arms were around me, I felt a sense of security, as weird it is to say. I just liked being with him, I guess.

          Anne and Gemma were out shopping in central London today, so it was just Harry and I in the house. When I look at Harry, I saw him pouting and I chuckled. I then sat up, so I was straddling his hips. Harry’s head rested on the pillows as he looked up at me, his hands on my hips as my palms were pressed on his torso.

          “Stop pouting,” I jokingly scold him. “You don’t leave for another couple of days.”

          “Yeah, but still,” he sighs.

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