Kelsey’s POV:

          The rest of the day was pure bliss. Harry and I had spent the day eating the spaghetti I had cooked, watching movies, snuggling under the blankets on the couch, and exchanging a few kisses here and there. For me, it was the perfect day, and spending it with only Harry was what made it perfect. He was so cute and warm and cuddly – it just made me like him a lot more.

          It was after we ‘officially’ got together when I realized the little things he did. Like when we were cuddling on the couch, he had winded our legs together comfortably, and always kept an arm around me. As we’d watch TV, Harry would rest his cheek on the top of my head, and sometimes he’d also interlace our fingers together.

          Suddenly getting thirsty, I tried to get up and get myself water but Harry had tightened his grip around my waist. “Where are you going?” he whined.

          “To get some water,” I reply, not being able to hold in my laugh.

          Harry lets out a sigh, before releasing me and I walk into the kitchen. Getting myself some water, I walk back into the room, where Harry’s eyes were fixed on the television as he flipped through the channels. My eyes widened as he skipped my favorite TV show.

          “Go back! Teen Wolf is on!” I exclaim, putting the glass down on the coffee table and sitting back down next to Harry.

          He went back, just in time for me to see a wolf fight about to start. “You like this show?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.

          “Like it?” I ask. “I love it. It has my celebrity crush in it, obviously.” Harry looks at me with raised eyebrows. “Dylan O’Brien, obviously.”

          “Aren’t I your celebrity crush?” Harry asks from next to me.

          I almost snort. “No,” I reply.

          “That hurt,” Harry pouted, and I chuckled.

          I didn’t say anything in reply; instead I just kept my eyes fixed on the TV. The two of us continued watching the show, until there was a knock on the door. Harry groaned as he threw the blankets off of him and got up, making me laugh at his reluctance. He walked over and opened the door, and I heard him talk.

          “What are you two doing here?” I heard him ask whoever was at the door.

          “Lovely to see you too, Harry,” Eleanor’s sarcastic voice replied, and I grinned.

          Soon enough, Harry returned with Eleanor and Louis in tow. “Hey, guys,” I smiled at them as Harry sat back down next to me.

          “See? Now that’s how you greet someone,” Louis says. “Take notes, Styles.”

          I let out a laugh. “He’s just a bit grumpy that my celebrity crush is Dylan O’Brien and not him.”

          “I’m everyone’s crush,” Harry scoffs, pulling the blanket back over us.

          “Keep telling yourself that,” Eleanor rolls her hazel eyes as her and Louis sit down on the other couch.

          Harry sticks his tongue out at her in response, and I laughed. “Awh, you know you’re my celeb crush,” I coo at him, my hand reaching up and massaging his scalp.

          Harry grins widely, dimples in view, before pecking my lips. But when we pulled away, I caught sight of Louis and Eleanor’s wide eyed expressions. Oh, right, they didn’t know about us.

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