Everything for nineteen year old Kelsey Ross was perfect, but perfect doesn’t last forever. When Kelsey’s mother, her only living relative, passes away because of breast cancer, Kelsey’s devasted. She doesn’t know what to do anymore, not having anyone else with her except for her best friend, Logan.

However, Kelsey’s mother had a best friend by the name of Anne Cox, who had a nineteen year old son. Kelsey’s mother’s last wish was for her daughter to be married, even though it was at a young age. And Anne, having a son who’s Kelsey’s age, offered her son’s hand in marriage – without Kelsey or his concent.

Now Kelsey has an arranged marry to this popstar, curly haired boy she’s never even met. And not only that, Kelsey despises the boyband member, not having anything in common with the guy and wanting nothing to do with them. But being married was Kelsey’s mother’s dying wish for her daughter, and Kelsey can’t go against it.

And now that she’s bound to Harry Styles, she can’t get out of it. She has to do it, for her mother. But maybe, just maybe, along the way, Kelsey just might fall for the curly haired boy...

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