Kelsey’s POV:

            “Hey, I need to talk to you.” I look up to see Harry leaning against the door way, and I sit up on the bed and put my book down.

            “Sure, what’s up?” I ask him as he walks into the room.

            Harry sits down on the edge of the bed, turning his head to look at me as he releases a sigh. “The boys and I…. We’re leaving for our tour.” I suck in my bottom lip as he adds, “day after tomorrow.”

            I inhale a breath as I hear that. Day after tomorrow? He’s leaving in two days – just as the two of us were actually getting along? I close my book, chewing on my bottom lip. “That’s… Great,” I say hesitantly.

            Harry sighs. “I know what you’re thinking, Kelsey,” he says, causing me to look up at him. “But don’t worry, okay? You’re not going to be here by yourself.”

            I raise an eyebrow. “I’m not?” I ask.

            He chuckles and shakes his head. “Nope,” he grins widely. “Because you’re coming with us on tour.”

            My eyes widen as I almost choke on my own spit. “What?” I gasp.

            Harry nods and smiles, dimples in view. “Yeah,” he says. “I talked to Management and they agreed that you can come with us on tour for the UK leg of the tour. When we leave for America, you come back here.”

            I can’t help but smile as he explains this to me. I actually get to go around the United Kingdom as the boys perform on stage! It was an amazing idea, and I’d be stupid if I said no. “Um, yes!” I say with a laugh. “Definitely, sounds brilliant.”

            Harry’s smile widens. “Awesome, I’ll let Paul know,” he says while standing up. “Oh, and there’s a package for you in the living room.”

            I stand up and go down the stairs and into the living room, where I see a FedEx box sitting on the floor. As I walk over and look at the label, I see that it’s from Logan and I realize this must be the box of my Mom’s things that he promised he would send over. Biting my lip, I sit down and open the flaps of the box, ripping off the tape.

            When I open the box, my breath hitches in my throat as I see the first thing staring up at me. It was an old picture frame, with a picture inside that I haven’t seen in forever. It was a picture of my mom and me, when I was about ten years old. It was taken at a picnic, and the two of us were sitting and grinning widely. Sucking in my bottom lip, I put the picture down carefully and looked through the box.

            There were more pictures of my mom and I, and some of my mom’s old jewelry. I didn’t realize that I was crying, until Harry came into the room and his eyes widened when he saw me. “Kelsey, are you okay?” he asks worriedly, sitting in front of me with wide eyes.

            I manage to nod, sniffling. “Yeah,” I say while wiping my tears away. “It’s just, some of my mom’s old stuff.”

            Harry bites his bottom lip, looking at the first picture that I saw and picked it up. I watched as he observed the picture, his thumb grazing the frame. “Your mum was beautiful, Kelsey,” Harry says, making me look at him. “She was such a friendly woman. My mum always told me how much of a good person she was.”

            That just made a fresh batch of tears leak out of my eyes. “She was,” I agree, choking on a sob.

            “Come here,” Harry sighs, giving me a small smile and wrapping me in a hug. I just deflated in his arms, the rush of emotions flooding back. My left cheek was pressed up against his chest, sobbing as his arms protectively wrapped around my body. “It’s going to be okay, Kels. Everything will be okay.”


Harry’s POV:

            Today was the day we were leaving for our tour. There were about three to four tour busses. One for us, the band, our crew, and another for our opening band Five Seconds of Summer. The guys all knew that Kelsey would be joining us for the first leg of the tour, and they were all happy about it. They thought it’d be a good idea instead of just leaving her by herself. And they were right.

            Apparently our private jet was waiting for us to leave for Scotland, where we had a concert tomorrow. We were all in the plane, ready to take off. Kelsey was talking to Niall across from me inside the plane, laughing at something the Irishman said. I smiled; it was nice seeing her having a pleasant time, when just day before yesterday she was crying because of her mother’s items.

            “She’s still hurt,” Louis had told me when I told him about it. “Maybe the tour will be good for her. She’ll be seeing new things and just may stop hurting.”

            When it was time for us to take off, everyone sat in their seats and I sat down next to Kelsey as she gave me a small smile. “You ready for Scotland?” I ask her.

            She smiles and nods as we buckle in our seat belts. “Yeah,” Kelsey replies. “I had always wanted to travel around the United Kingdom,” she admits.

            I chuckle. “Well, now you get to,” I tell her as the plane starts moving.

            Kelsey smiles and looks down at her lap, before looking back up at me. “Thank you,” she says quietly. “For bringing me along.”

            I take her hand in mine, giving it a light squeeze as I give her a dimpled smile. “Don’t worry about it.”

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