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This chapter took me a bit longer to write up for some reason. But I finally got it done, yahooooooooo!


Kelsey’s POV:


Harry’s voice called out for me, and I walked out of the kitchen and saw him entering the flat, shutting the door behind him.  “Yeah?” I ask, wiping my wet hands on my shorts.

“We’re all going out to Funky Buddha tonight,” he tells me, dropping his car keys in a glass bowl that was set on a table by the entrance hall of the apartment. “Since we leave to go back on tour in a couple of days, it’s kind of like a goodbye thing. Plus, all the girls are going to be there.”

I bite my bottom lip and nod, putting my hair in a bun. “What time do we leave?” I ask him.

“We’re meeting them at eight,” Harry replies and I nod again, checking my phone for the time. 7:04. Ugh, shit, I had to get ready now. “You might want to get ready,” he added, as if reading my mind.

I nod before turning and going up the stairs. Shutting the door behind me, I sigh as I walk over to the closet and rummage through my clothes, searching for an outfit to wear. Finally, I decided on a strapless purple and blue crop top that had some cool designs on it, and a high waisted silky pink skirt that had a thin brown leather belt on it. I changed into that and put on baby pink heels, before proceeding to do my makeup. When I’m done, I quickly straighten my naturally wavy blonde hair to perfection, and put on some golden bracelets on my wrist. As soon as I finish getting ready, a knock sounded on the door.

“Can I come in?” Harry asks from the other side of the door.

I walk over to the door and unlock it, opening it to reveal Harry. He looks up from his phone and at me, and I watch as his eyes sightly widen. Harry’s eyes trail up from my legs to my face, and I feel a hot blush spread on my cheeks. “You look...” he trails off, looking for the right word and his green eyes suddenly meet my blue ones. “Gorgeous.”

Just as the word falls from his lips, the blush deepens on my cheeks. “Thank you,” I say, opening the door wider and Harry walks inside.

“I’ll just quickly get dressed and we’ll go,” he says and I nod.

As Harry gets ready, I grab a black clutch bag and put my phone and a few other things n there. Harry soon emerges from the bathroom. He was still wearing his jeans and brown boots, but had changed into a black V-neck and was wearing a black blazer over it. Grabbing his phone, he says, “Let’s go.”

I nod and follow him down the stairs and out of the apartment. We got into his Range Rover and Harry started driving. It was quiet in the car for a bit, until Harry turned on the radio and Baby I by Ariana Grande started playing. I smiled, turning it up a bit and looking out the window, mouthing the words. I loved her.

By the end of the song, we had reached Funky Buddha. As we stepped out of the car, cameras surrounded us as well as security gaurds. Harry immediately reached for my hand, and I let him hold it as he pushed through the crowd and made our way towards the entrance of the club. 

It was like any other club; big and open, loud, and crowded. The bass of loud music thumped in my ears as Harry guided me through the sea of people, until we reached what looked like the VIP section of the club. There, all the guys and Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie were seated and drinking, talking amongst themselves. But when Danielle’s eyes landed on me, she grinned and stood up. 

“Kelsey!” The curly haired girl exclaimed, walking over to me. “Geez, you look gorgeous!”

I couldn’t help but smile as I hug her back. “So do you,” I reply.

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