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Harry’s POV:

          “Kelsey should be here, don’t ya think?” Louis asks as we pass the high way sign that reads ‘Miami.’      

          We were on the tour bus, and had left Sunrise and were now entering Miami. A scoff escapes my mouth at Louis’ words as I lie down on the couch, my arms crossed behind my head. “No thanks,” I say. “Last time she came here, that Logan guy kissed her.”

          “Oh, right,” Louis mumbles, “my bad.”

          I just chuckle and sit up, ruffling my hair a bit. “When do we get to the arena?”

          “In a couple of minutes,” Liam answers from the end of the couch.

          We had a show tonight, and then tomorrow we were leaving for Louisville. We weren’t bothering with staying at a hotel, so we were just going to sleep in the bus.

          Within a couple of minutes, the bus was pulling to a stop and I looked out the window to see us in front of the American Airlines Arena. It was almost four in the evening and we had rehearsals before the show. So quickly, we got off the bus and went inside, greeting everyone.

          After meeting with everyone, the lads and I were on stage with the rest of the band and running through some of the songs. When we were done, we still had about two and a half hours till the actual show so I left the arena and took Preston with me to get some doughnuts. What? I was hungry.

          Finally reaching the nearest Dunkin Donuts and walking inside, Preston and I stood in line. There were a couple of teenage girls here, and I happily took pictures with them as Preston stood by and made sure nothing got out of hand. When I got to the front of the line, I asked the guy behind the counter for a couple of doughnuts and went on my phone as I waited.

          On Twitter, I scrolled through my timeline and saw a tweet from Kelsey that she had sent out literally only a minute ago.

@Kelsey_Ross: So someone gave me a flower crown today… I quite like it, actually (: insta.gram.com/AK4939kspd

          I smiled as I looked at the picture; it was a selfie she had taken, of her wearing sunglasses and grinning with her teeth, showing off a dimple and a red and white flower crown that she was wearing. I favorited the tweet, and saw that about two hundred people had beat me in doing so.

          Putting my phone away, I took the box of doughnuts after paying the guy and turning with Preston to walk out of the store. As we exited Dunkin Donuts, I bumped into someone and Preston took a hold of the box.

          “Oh, sorry,” I apologize, and then my eyes harden when I see who it is.

          “What are you doing in Miami?” Logan asks, raising an eyebrow.

          “Tour,” I simply reply. “I’d love to stay and chat, but I have a show to get to.”

          Logan’s jaw clenched and I fought the urge to smirk. “Is Kelsey here?”

          This time, my own jaw clenched as my eyes hardened at the guy in front of me. “No, she’s in London,” I say icily, and I had the urge to add ‘away from you’, but didn’t. “And I don’t think she’ll be talking to you for a while. Not after what you did,” I say in a dangerously low voice, one of which only Logan could hear.

          “She’s my best friend,” Logan says indignantly, “she’ll talk to me sooner or later.”

          I gave him a smile, which seemed to annoy him even more. “Good look with that,” I say, and then Preston shoots me a look. “Gotta go; see you around, mate.”

          I don’t even wait for him to reply. Instead, I just follow Preston back towards the direction of the arena, feeling the burning holes of Logan’s stare into my back. “What was that about?” Preston asks as we walk, still holding the box.

          “The guy kissed my wife.”


Kelsey’s POV:

          “You start tomorrow at eleven,” Lucinda, the manager for Ulta that was located in the mall, smiled at me.

          I smiled right back, shaking her hand. “Thank you so much.”

          It’s been about a week or so since the boys had left for their North American part of the tour. And as each day went by, I realized how lonely it feels in the apartment without Harry or any of the other guys, for that matter. So to keep myself busy, I had looked for some job openings and found one in the Ulta makeup store that in the mall.

          It was just one of those jobs where you greet and help customers, and fix the products on the shelves if they ever got messed up. Lucinda said that sometimes I’d be on cash register duty as well, so I guess it’s not that useless.

          After saying goodbye to her and thanking Lucinda once again, I left the mall. But just as I stepped out, I was hounded by flashes. People were surrounding me and screaming around me, left and right. I quickly put on my sunglasses and put my head down, pushing through them.

          Speed walking across the lot, I got into Harry’s Range Rover with a relieved sigh. Starting up the car, I drove out of the parking lot and back towards the direction of the apartment. I had finally gotten the hang of driving on the other side of the road, so now I was comfortable with driving in London. Thank goodness for that.

          Reaching the apartment building, I got out of the car and walked up. Using my keys, I walked into the apartment and shut the door behind me, sighing as I entered the living room. As I watched some TV, my phone buzzed, and I was surprised to see that it was Harry. It’s late at night where he is.

From: Harry

Hiii, Kelsey (: I just wanted to know how you were doing. Is everything okay with you? Xx

          A smile crept on my lips as I read his text, like a school girl would smile if her crush had texted her.

To: Harry

Hey, yeah everything’s fine. Aren’t you supposed to be in bed?

From: Harry

Not really. We’re on the tour bus, on our way to Louisville.

To: Harry

Oh, alright then. But no, not much happened.

From: Harry

Really? Then why did I see on Twitter that you practically got mobbed a few minutes ago at the mall?

          I cursed as I read his text. Nothing went by him, thanks to his fans.

To: Harry

It was no big deal, really. Just a couple of paps. I got by safely.

From: Harry

I knew I should’ve gotten you a security guard before I left.

To: Harry

Seriously, Harry, it’s no big deal!

          Our conversation went on for a good hour or so. We texted back and forth about his tour and I had even told him about the job I had just gotten. This went on, until he fell asleep and I fell into a peaceful nap on the couch.

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