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Harry’s POV:

          My eyes slowly blinked open as I squint them, annoyed at the sunlight that streamed through the curtains hit my face. As I ignored the light, I looked down at the blonde girl sleeping in my arms, and a smile grew on my face at Kelsey’s sleeping figure.

          Her naked back was pressed up against my bare chest, my arms around her waist. The blanket and duvet around us covered our naked bodies, my legs tangled with hers underneath the blanket. I smiled a small smile, remembering last night’s event. Kelsey was unbelievably perfect; I was sure of it.

          Turning my head, I looked at the digital clock that read ten-fifteen. I sighed, knowing that in less than two hours, Kelsey would be on a flight back to London.

          Carefully, I untangled my arms from her waist, keeping her body covered with the duvets. Spotting my joggers, I quickly pulled them on as I stood up, looking down at Kelsey’s sleeping figure. Smiling to myself, I leaned down and pressed a kiss on her forehead, before walking into the bathroom.

          I wash my face and run a hand through my messy hair, pulling it back. After brushing my teeth, I open the bathroom door and catch sight of Kelsey wearing a tank top and her night shorts, lifting her hands as she ties her blonde hair in a bun. “Morning, love,” I smile as I walk over to her.

          Kelsey looks up and smiles at me before standing up. “Morning,” she gives off a small yawn, “be right back.”

          I nod as she goes into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She returns a couple of minutes later, looking refreshed as she sends me a smile. “Are you all packed up?” I ask her as she approaches me.

          Kelsey sighs, nodding as my arms wrap around her neck. “Yeah,” she says. “My flight leaves at twelve-twenty.”

          I sighed. “So you wanna grab some breakfast with the lads and I?”

          “Sure,” Kelsey smiles.

          After the two of us get dressed, we meet up with the boys in the restaurant of the hotel. I got myself a toasted bagel with cream cheese, orange juice, and scrambled eggs. We all sat at a round table, me in between Kelsey and Liam as we all ate.

          When we were done eating, Kelsey and I returned to our hotel room, and it was almost eleven o’ clock. Everything of Kelsey’s was already packed, and her ticket and passport were in her bag that rested on one of the bedside tables.

          “So what do you wanna do before you leave?” I ask her as she sits down in the spinning chair in front of the computer desk of the hotel room, that had magazines and tour guides for the city on top of it.

          Kelsey looks up at me. “Do we have to do something?” she asks with a laugh. “Can’t we just, like, relax?”

          “If you want,” I shrugged, “I only asked because I thought you’d might want to go out.”

          Kelsey shook her head as she rolled over to me as I sat on the edge of the bed. She remained on the seat even when she was right in front of me, and gave me a smile. “I’m perfectly fine here,” she says while smiling, pressing a short kiss to my lips.

          I couldn’t help but smile as I look at her, my teeth sinking into my lower lip as I did so. “So what’re you gonna do back in London?” I ask her, holding her hands in mine. “It’ll be so boring without me, I’d bet.”

          Kelsey let out a laugh. “Well, I’ll go to work and count down the days till you come back home,” she says, her hands on the back of my head as her chair rolls forward towards me.

          “I really hate this,” I sigh as her hands play with my hair and my own hands rest on her hips. “How either one of us has to leave every time.”

          She gives me a sympathetic smile. “I know,” she says.

          “Why can’t you just stay?” I whine, pouting as Kelsey lets out a laugh.

          “I’m not going to stay for your entire tour, Harry,” Kelsey chuckles. “I have work and it’ll all just get in the way.”

          “Screw work.”

          “Let’s not be hasty.”


          Kelsey laughs as her hands cup my face. “Don’t be so pouty,” she says, her blue eyes meeting my green ones. “You only have a couple of weeks left for the tour to be over, and then you get to come home,” she added as she pulled away and stood up from her chair.

          “That’s, like, in forever,” I say as I watch her walk over to the bathroom, the door wide open to let me see her turn on the water tap on the sink.       

          I stand up as well, walking over to my bedside table and picking up my phone, leaning against the wall. “Deal with it,” Kelsey laughs as she dries her hands and walks over to me. “It’ll be gone in a flash.”

          When she’s close enough, I grab her hips and pull her towards me, planting my mouth on top of hers in the process. Kelsey smiles against my lips as my back comes in contact with the wall, kissing me back.       

          After the two of us pull away, I lean my forehead against hers and give her a cheeky smile. “Can’t do that for a couple of weeks, now can we?”

          A cute giggles escapes her lips as Kelsey shakes her head slightly. “How will we ever survive?”

          I give her a soft peck once again. “I don’t know about you, but I won’t be able to.”


Kelsey’s POV:

          It was raining in London when I got back – why am I not surprised? I had called a cab and it took me home, but not before a couple of girls at the airport recognized me and asked for a picture. But once I got that over with, I returned back to the big, empty house.

          I spent the first fifteen to twenty minutes unpacking, and then grabbed some lunch. Even though it was night time here, I was still working on American timing and was nowhere near tired. So instead of going to bed like every other person in London, I decided to watch some TV while munching on chips. As I did so, I went on my phone and on Twitter.

@Kelsey_Ross: Jet lagggg. Watching TV & eating some chips at 12:30 in the morning. #thisisthelife

@Harry_Styles: @Kelsey_Ross See, now you’re there & have to deal with jet lag. You should’ve stayed.

@Kelsey_Ross: @Harry_Styles No, I’m fine here. I got sick of you.

@Harry_Styles: @Kelsey_Ross Oh, I see.

@Kelsey_Ross: @Harry_Styles :D :D :D

          The conversation from there turned into text messages, and I basically spent the rest of the night texting Harry. Even when he’s across the damn world, it’s like he’s always there, right next to me. And trust me, I’m not complaining one bit.

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