Kelsey’s POV:

            It was one in the afternoon and I noticed that Harry was still asleep. He had to be up soon to go to sound check and he also had a meet and greet, yet he was still snoring away on the bed. I was already dressed for the day, and I guess I should wake him up before he runs a bit too late.

            Going into the room, I see him buried under the comforter as light snores escape him. I chuckle lightly as I walk over and bend down, pulling the comforter off. “Harry, wake up,” I say, shaking him slightly. He simply mumbles something but doesn’t even open his eyes. “Seriously, you’re going to be late.”

            Harry grumbles some incoherent words and I roll my eyes, realizing that I can’t wake him up the nice and civilized way. I look around for a bit, and then smirk slightly. Bending down once again to be closer to him, I suddenly scream, “Fire! Fire!”

            As expected, Harry shoots up from his bed so fast that he tumbles down to the floor next to me, the blankets bunching up around him as I clutch my stomach and laugh out loud. His expression was wild and alert, looking around until he saw me literally laughing my butt off.

            “Kelsey, what the hell!” Harry yells as he struggles to stand up.

            I’m sitting on the edge of the bed, laughing like there’s no tomorrow as Harry stares down at me. He’s finally free of the blankets as he looks down at my laughing figure, and I notice the corner of his lips tug into a small smile. “S-Sorry,” I said in between laughter. “I c-couldn’t think of a-any other way to w-wake you.”

            Harry shakes his head, chuckling slightly as he runs a hand through his bed hair. “It’s fine,” he says.

            “Now get dressed,” I say, sobering up as I stand up. “You have a sound check.”

            “Yes, mother,” he says, smirking before going to the bathroom.

            I couldn’t help but smile as I exit the room and walk down the stairs. Harry and I had been getting along well over the past couple of days, and I wasn’t always quiet in front of him nor didn’t I stay to myself. I wouldn’t say that we’re the best of friends, but it’s progress and we’re getting there. Harry wants to make this whole thing work, and he understands that I’m going to need some time and he’s willing to wait and give me all the time that I need, which I’m so grateful for.

            As Harry took a shower and got ready, I plopped down on the couch and grabbed the latest book I was reading – For One More Day by Mitch Albom. As I brought my knees up and read, fifteen minutes later I heard footsteps and down came Harry. I look up and give him a small smile which he returns and he asks, “Are you coming to the concert tonight?”

            I divert my attention from my book towards him. “I don’t know, should I?” I ask, quirking an eyebrow.

            Harry smirks, leaning against the wall on his side. “It’d be cool if you did,” he tells me. “Eleanor’s coming.”

            I bite my bottom lip, contemplating the offer. I then nod my head, looking at him. “Sure, I’ll come.”

            Harry grins. “I have an extra ticket and VIP pass in my bedside drawer,” he tells me. “Just grab it and come.”

            I raise an eyebrow, chuckling. “Do you always keep extra passes around?” I question, closing my book and leaning forward as I stare at him.

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