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Kelsey’s POV:

          “Have a nice day,” I smile as I hand the woman her shopping bag.

          “Thank you,” she replies, before taking the bag and walking out of the store.

          I was on cash register duty today, and it was better than walking around the store and asking customers if they needed help when I can actually be doing something behind the counter. It’s almost three in the afternoon, so my shift is almost over. So far, everything was going great and I was recognized once in a while.

          A few fans had come in and out of the store, discreetly taking pictures of me and causing a ruckus outside. Before the girls – and I – got in trouble, I took my phone out and quickly composed a tweet.

@Kelsey_Ross: I appreciate you girls wanting to see me, but the mall security is going to make you leave, and I don’t want you to get in trouble!

          Leaning over the counter, I looked through the glass walls where I still saw the girls standing. A few of them were on their phones, probably reading the tweet, but didn’t move. Sighing, I sent out another tweet.

@Kelsey_Ross: Seriously, guys! My shift is over in 10 minutes, & if you want, I’ll come meet all of you. Just don’t crowd the store, because my manager and the security won’t be happy about that.

          Thankfully, when the girls read the tweet, they smiled and started walking away from the store. I let out a relieved sigh before putting my phone away and greeting the next customer.

          Ten minutes later, my shift was over and I had grabbed my bag and was walking out of Ulta. Though as expected, I was met with some of the fans that were waiting outside of the store. As promised, I stayed for a while and took pictures with them, even though I never understood why they even want a picture with me. Yeah, I’m Harry’s wife but really? I’m not famous.

          After several pictures, I said goodbye to the girls and headed out of the mall and towards the parking lot. Getting into the car, I drove back to the apartment where I found myself alone once again.

Harry’s POV:

          “Thank you, Nashville!” Liam shouts into the microphone before we disappear backstage, still hearing the screaming of the fans.

          I enter the air conditioned dressing room, sighing in relief as the cool air hits my hot, sweaty skin. I grip my T-shirt in front of me, pulling it back and forth in order to cool myself. The bandana on my head does a good job in pushing my hair back, but I can still feel the sweat seeping through my skull.

          Lou, who was holding Lux and bouncing her on her hip, scrunched her face up in disgust. “Is it me, or do you lads smell worse than usual?” she asks.

          “It’s really hot here,” Zayn says defensively, “Of course we’re going to smell.”

          Caroline, our stylist, shakes her head as she hangs a couple of clothes on the rack. “You boys stink; take a shower before you go to sleep.”

          Louis scoffs, taking off his shirt. “Sleep?” he raises an eyebrow. “We don’t know what this sleep is you speak of.”

          I simply chuckle as I pull my phone out, and then decide to call Kelsey. Backing away from everyone, I dial Kelsey’s number and wait for her to pick up. “Hello?” I hear her voice ask.

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