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Kelsey’s POV:

          I munched on the Fiber One chocolate brownie that I was eating whilst laying on the bed in my hotel room. I was by myself since the guys had a concert, and I didn’t feel like standing in between thousands of screaming girls. I felt a bit sick today, sore throat, and didn’t have it in me to stand in between screaming fans for nearly two hours.

          The boys should be coming back soon, seeing as it is almost eleven o’ clock at night. Paul, the boys’ tour manager and the sweetest guy ever, had taken me to the doctor’s before the concert and I got some medicine, so the sore throat was dying down a bit but it still hurt when I try to talk or swallow something.

          Is this how fans feel after screaming constantly for two hours after a concert?

          I couldn’t even groan because of that fact that it would hurt my throat. So I simply just buried my face in my pillow, lying on my stomach on the bed as I huffed. As I stayed like that quietly, I heard the door of the hotel room jiggle and footsteps coming inside.

          “Kelsey?” I heard Harry’s voice ask, followed by the sound of the door closing. “Are you feeling any better?”

          I lift my head and roll over to my back and look at him. He was dressed in his usual jeans and a simple shirt with a jacket over, and he was looking at me with concern. I let out a sigh as I sat up, propping myself up using the palms of my hands. “A bit,” I replied and to my surprise, my voice was extremely hoarse.

          Harry’s eyebrows shot up at this, walking over to me as he shrugged off his jacket. “You don’t sound any better,” he says pointedly. “Have you eaten anything?” he adds, sitting on the edge of the bed next to me.

          I shake my head, sitting up properly. “Not really,” I reply. “My throat hurts too much.”

          “You know what you need?” Harry asks with a smile and I raise my eyebrows. “Soup; hot soup.”

          I shake my head, running a hand through my short hair. “I don’t want to eat or drink anything, Harry.”

          “Do you want to get better or not?” I stayed silent, and he grinned. “I’m ordering you some soup.”

          Before I could argue, Harry had picked up the hotel phone and ordered some chicken soup from room service. I gave him a look as he set the phone back down and I just shook my head. “So how was the concert?” I ask – well, more like whisper.

          “Good,” he smiles, undoing the laces of his shoes and taking them off. “I got a bra thrown at me.”

          I let out a laugh, shaking my head. “What else is new?” I ask, knowing the ridiculous things the teenage girls throw on stage in hopes for the boys catching them.

          Harry chuckles as I lay down in bed on my side, looking up at his sitting figure. He looks at me and asks, “Has Logan called you back?”

          Logan, due to our last call, had been avoiding me. There’s only so much I can do to get him to answer me. I’ve texted, called, and even sent messages to him on Skype but he just never replies. “No,” I sigh. “He’s ignoring me.”

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