Kelsey’s POV:

          “Holy shit,” I muttered under my breath as I looked up at the big house in front of me.

          It was white and basically a big square that had multiple windows. Outside, there was a brown brick wall with an opening for the cars and a door that looked like a security guard’s place to stand. As Harry parked the car and we got out, he grinned over at me.

          “Come on,” he says.

          I follow him inside, and my eyes widen even more, if that was possible. We entered the living room, that had a purple suede couch with a folded coffee table in front of her, all set upon a carpet that was on a wooden floor. There was a smaller couch for two people by the wall, and two floral chairs across from the purple couch.

          Behind the chairs was a small metallic table that already had pictures of Harry with his family and the boys on it.  There were two other doorways that didn’t have doors, but one lead to the TV room that had two joint brown leather recliners facing a big, flat screen TV. The other opening led to the dining room.

          A carpet was there and one of the walls was a nice green color. The dining table was a wooden oval, with eight chairs, and a modern looking chandelier hanging above it that had a small glass opening to let the sunlight in. Then the doorway that lead to the most beautiful kitchen ever.

          It was simple and modern, all white. A wall fridge, a glass circular table with two chairs, a marble counter on one side and on the other were cabinets everywhere with the sink, and there was already a microwave here.

          “This is beautiful,” I say as I look around in the kitchen.

          Harry walks in behind me, and I turn to see him smiling. “I’m glad you like it.”

          “Like it? I love it,” I reply, walking over to the fridge and opening it. But when I see what’s inside, I turn and give Harry a look. “Seriously? You’ve already got beer stacked in here?”

          Harry sheepishly chuckles. “The guys are gonna be helping us unpack. You know they’re gonna want beer.

          “They’re helping us?” I ask, eyes widening. As Harry nods, I let out a relieved sigh. “Thank God; we’re not gonna be at it for hours, then.”

          Harry chuckles as we exit the kitchen. “I personally like the couch,” he says as he plops down on the purple couch.

          I grin as I look at him, still standing. “I have to hand it to you; you did good.”

          Harry grins proudly and suddenly, I hear the front door open and the loud noises of the rest of the boys, announcing their arrival. “Well that was fast,” Harry says, standing up.

          Soon enough, the four boys come into view, and Zayn lets out a whistle. “Wow,” he says, looking around. “This place is sick!”

          “Amazin’,” Louis agrees and when he looks at the couch, he laughs. “Nice couch.”

          “Oh, the truck with all your boxes is already out waitin’ for ya,” Niall chimes in as he walks into the TV room.

          Harry nods as he stood up and walked towards the door. “Oi, one of you come help me,” he says.

          “I’ll come,” Liam offers, and he and Harry leave the house to go to the parking driveway.

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