Filler chapter, just so you know.


Kelsey’s POV:

After Scotland, we were in Cardiff, Wales. We were currently at the venue and the boys had sound check. There was a big open space inside where the buses were parked, and I raised my eyebrows as I saw Michael and Ashton of Five Seconds of Summer walking around holding a laptop and talking into it.

“What in the world are you two doing?” I raise my eyebrows, stuffing my phone in the back pocket of my jeans.

Ashton’s eyes snap over to me and he grins. “We’re doing a twitcam,” he replies in his thick Australian accent.

“Come over here,” Michael calls for me, and my eyes widen as I shake my head.

“Uh-huh, no way,” I say, backing away.

But Ashton ran over and dragged me towards the laptop. My eyes widen as I’m now in view of the webcam and the seventy thousand and more users could now see me. “Look, everyone,” Ashton grins, dimples in view. “It’s Kelsey!”

I give a small smile and wave, and in the question box I see people saying hi to me. “Don’t you guys have sound check soon?” I ask Michael and Ashton with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, we’re just waiting for one-d to finish off,” Michael replies.

“Kelsey, who’s your favorite member of Five Seconds of Summer?” Ashton asks. I look at him, eyes wide and he shrugs with a grin. “Someone asked it.”

I look back at the camera. “Are you guys trying to get these guys to hate me?” I ask.

“You gotta answer the question, Kels,” Michael grins widely and I shake my head.

“Nope, no,” I say. “I refuse to answer.”

“She’s only saying that because I’m her favorite, duh,” Ashton rolls his eyes, flopping his hair.

“No way!” Michael shouts.

“Yes way!”



During their little argument, I started backing away and Michael exclaimed, “Guitar is better than drums.”

As I backed away, I grinned and called back, “I’m with the drummer!”

Just when I was a good twenty feet away, I heard Ashton shout a victorious, “Suck it, you dick!” to Michael, causing me to laugh out loud.

I walked into where the arena was and where the One Direction boys were having their sound check. Fans were all the way up in the front, cheering as the boys sang and held up signs. I stayed all the way in the back, not wanting to be seen as the boys sang I Would. My foot tapped to the beat of the song as I started humming it, smiling as they sang.

My phone buzzed in my pocket as I sighed, and I took it out to see Logan was calling me. I stepped out of the arena and answered his call. “Hey,” I say.

“Hey, Kelsey,” Logan replies, and I could tell he was smiling. “What’re you up to?”

“I’m at sound check,” I reply, “Watching the boys perform.”

“Where are you guys right now?” he asks.

“Cardiff, Wales,” I reply. “It’s pretty cool here.”

“I bet,” he says. “When are you visiting?”

I sighed. “I’m coming along with the boys for their European part of the tour,” I tell him, “That’s four months long.”

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