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Harry and Kelsey on the side of what I imagine them kissing in this chapter...


Kelsey's POV:  

"I was going to do some makeup shopping in a bit. Do you want to come with me? Tom's going to be watching Lux so it'd just be the two of us," Lou says to me with a smile. 

I return the gesture, nodding my head. "Sounds great," I tell her. "I just need to change." 

Lou nods. "Go ahead; we leave in fifteen minutes." 

I nod and close the hotel room door and walking over to my bag. Harry, who had previously been sleeping, sat up from the bed. His hair was a disheveled mess and the tattoos on his bare chest were on full display. 

"What are you doing?" I heard his hoarse voice ask as I rummaged through my bag. 

"Going out with Lou," I tell him, standing up straight as I hold a pair of white studded denim shorts and a black tie vest with a golden heart on it. 

(Outfit: ) 

"But it's so early," Harry says. 

I turn around to look at him. "It's one thirty in the afternoon," I say pointedly. 

Harry's eyes widen and he looks at the clock, before chuckling sleepily. "Oops." 

I roll my eyes, shaking my head as I walk into the bathroom. I quickly change into those clothes before exiting the bathroom. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I put on my socks and then my blue Converse. I feel Harry watching me as I brush my hair and apply a bit of makeup, before grabbing my bag and phone. 

"I'll see you later," I say as Harry swings his leg over the bed. 

"Wait," he says, making me stop and turn to look at him. I raise my eyebrows as he walks over to me. "Give me a kiss."  

I laugh; but then I hook my right index finger in the chain of one of his necklaces and pull him in, his lips immediately meeting mine. I let go of his chain as I kiss him, and then pull away as I give him a smile. "Bye," I say with a small smile. 

Harry smirks down at me. "Have fun shopping." 

I chuckle as I open the door and walk out, leaving a shirtless Harry in the room. Halfway down the hall, I meet Lou and she grins at me. "Let's go," she says. 

The two of us step into the elevator, and when we're in the lobby, the two of us leave the hotel. Outside, fans are being barricaded by security and barriers and when they see Lou and I, they start screaming and flashes go off. The two of us immediately get inside the black Escalade waiting for us, and the driver zooms off. 

"So we're going to Sephora's in Times Square, and I saw MAC around there as well," Lou says to me. "How does that sound?" 

"Sounds good to me," I smile, nodding in agreement of her plans. 

The drive itself was short, and Lou and I climbed out of the car as she told the driver to meet us back here in about two and a half hours. Lou and I weaved through the people, finally entering Sephora's air conditioned store and walking inside. 

I followed Lou to where the concealer and blush was, and I picked up one that I thought would be good for my own skin tone. "So is this where you shop for the boys' makeup?" I ask with a chuckle. 

"The boys really don't need makeup," she says. "So I mostly spend time on their hair. This makeup, however, is for me," Lou adds with a grin. 

I let out a laugh as I pick up two different shades of pink for blush. "Which one do you think is better for me?" I ask her, holding the little containers up next to my face as Lou turns to look at me. "You know, since you're a professional and all." 

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